Classical Greece

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Classical Greece

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This paper explores Classical Greece legacy in philosophical, political and scientific context. Also, compare and contract Achaemenid and Maurya Empires.

Classical Greece


Classical Greece is formed on the previous religious civilization legacy in the Mycenae, Crete, Egypt and Middle East. Classical Greece durability came from its technological continuity, settled peasant routine and the power of its cultural forms. Greece legacy was in the realm of examples and ideas, in the heritage of slavery and ideals of citizenship. Philosophy and art is the significant contributors of Classical Greece. Their legacy became an elementary part of Western and Middle Eastern heritage.


In Greece legacy, people have the right to take decisions about laws and leaders. The first democracy is developed by Athens. Athens formulated first democratic constitution, which is a set of rules for how to run government. All men above 20 years who are have the right to take part in the Assembly, and at that time only men were free citizens while women and slaves do not have the right to vote. They established a system of government where voters (citizens) vote for elected representatives to advocate of general public in the government. An ancient Greek philosopher, Plato by his writing “Politics” and motivate residents to ask questions from established government (Potts, 2007).

The significant Greece refers to scientific legacy included considerable advances in factual knowledge, particularly in zoology, anatomy, mineralogy, botany and astronomy; also provide significant awareness of definite scientific problems, chiefly those problems that are related to change and its sources; and identification of significance of applying mathematics to natural phenomena and importance of conducting empirical research.

Classical Greece left several precious legacies, and philosophy of Greek is a big reward from the Classical Greece. There are a lot of Greek philosophies that developed by a number of well-known Greek philosophers. In Classical Greece, there are three important philosophers namely Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. They had diverse philosophy opinions but amusingly, somewhat some are related with another one. Socrates was renowned and powerful thinkers in history. He deemed that absolute principles and justice. The most important achievement is the invention of teaching method by means of question-and-answer approach, also known as Socratic Method.

Another Greece philosopher, Plato wrote “The Republic,” and presented his thought by set forth his perfectly governed society vision, and divided citizens into three groups namely the ruling class, warriors and ...
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