Conceptual- Theoretical Model

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Conceptual- theoretical model

Conceptual- theoretical model


Nursing care is defined broadly as "a careful application  to someone or something. "The word takes care of the sense of "means by which it strives to restore health to patient".As defined by the International Council of nurses, nursing is the care of so self or collaboratively, to people of all ages, families, groups and communities - sick or in good health - regardless of the context .

They focus on promoting health, disease prevention, and care for sick, disabled and dying. They also include defense, promote a healthy environment, research, participation in the development of health policy and management of health systems and patients, as well as health education. Nursing is traditionally provided by nurses.

What Is The Central Reason For The Existence Of Nursing?

Nursing interventions, they are referred to preventive,  diagnostic,therapeutic and educational. They are traditionally provided by a nurse or a paramedicby nurse (nursing aid, caregiver, childcare assistants, medical and psychological help for more nurses aides or other health professional) with d 'a personor group of people.

Nursing are rooted in theoretical knowledge and practical skills and seek to maintain or improve the health  of the person or group in its biological, physiological, physical (anatomical and functional), psychological and social andprevent potential damage to them.

4 Metaparadigms In Nursing

Person, human being affected by the environment and on the intervention of a nurse named by Nightingale as a patient.Environment: conditions and external forces that affect their lives.Health: Wellness maintained. For Nightingale the disease is seen as a repair process established by nature.Nursing: collaborating to provide fresh air, light, heat, health, peace. Thefacilitating the repair of a person.


Theories and conceptual models are not really new to nursing, Nightingale have existed since in 1859 he first proposed his ideas about nursing. As Nightingale had its own ideas of nursing all nurses have a private image of nursing practice and this influences the decisions and guide the actions we take (Fawcett, 2006). However, these global ideas of what we understand by nursing, has been organized by Fawcett (2006) through what he calls "knowledge structure", which places the meta-paradigm, philosophies, conceptual models, theory and empirical indicators of a structure down linking the abstract to the concrete world. 

What do we mean by metaparadigm?. Are global concepts of the phenomenon of interest in the discipline of nursing, person, health, environment and nursing, which have been conceptualized differently by different nurses to lead to the generation of conceptual models. In this scheme of the conceptual framework, the philosophy is located in a line staff, as a set of beliefs, values ??and what nurses assume as true, on the phenomenon of interest to the discipline "care", (Newton 2001)so indirectly modify what each nurse in their proper context means work, person, health, environment and nursing This leads to the development of conceptual models, these are defined as a set of abstract and general concepts and propositions are integrated to give a meaning. Incorporate empirical observations, intuitions of scholars, deductions combined with creative ideas in the field of research (Fawcett, 2006). This means that conceptual models are a set of concepts that explain the phenomenon in general care, but are more complex conceptual models and general theories, (McKay 2009) these provide a broad explanation of some phenomena of interest to nursing. The models generally have visions of the world phenomena, but represent only an approximation or simplification of those concepts considered relevant to the understanding of the event(Lenz 2005). They are representations of the reality of practice and represent the factors involved and how they relate to each other.Become an instrument that continuously reminds the various aspects of nursing care and the relationship between treasuries factors, psychological must be taken into account in providing this care. (Fawcett, 2006). These models offer an overview of the general parameters of nursing, including ideas about the nature and role of ...
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