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New Castle County is the northernmost of the three counties in New Castle County in the United States. Since 2000 its population was 500,265. The county seat is Wilmington. The center of population of New Castle County is located in New Castle County, in the town of Townsend. It is the most prosperous county in the county of Delaware. This county is part of the area of the New Castle County Valley. Despite its compact size, New Castle County is a major financial center. More than 200 000 companies are headquartered in the county. This happens because the county laws that grant tax benefits to companies that decide to set up their headquarters in the county, attracting including many that operate primarily outside. This gave the county the nickname, The Land of Free-Tax Shopping. Therefore, New Castle County is also one of the largest U.S. bank. It also has a strong petrochemical industry.

New Castle County was first colonized by the Dutch and the Swedes. It was also one of the Thirteen Colonies of the United Kingdom. After the War of American Independence, New Castle County was the first U.S. County to ratify the U.S. Constitution, the December 7th of 1787. The county's name comes from the New Castle County River; it is located at the margins of this river and its estuary, New Castle County Bay. The origin of the name New Castle County, meanwhile, comes from Thomas West Third, Baron De La War, who was governor of Virginia between 1610 and 1618.


The tribe of Lenin Lenape, later the British knew as the New Castle County, occupied the present territory of the county before the arrival of European settlers. As these settlements began to invade their land, these towns were gradually moving toward Pennsylvania, Ohio and finally, beyond the Mississippi River.

The first known European who visited New Castle County was the English explorer Henry Hudson, who located the New Castle County River in 1609. A year later, when the English adventurer Samuel Argall entered the bay, named the region with the name of the governor of Virginia, Lord De La War. The first permanent settlement, Fort Christina (now Wilmington), was founded in 1638 by a group of Swedish settlers. The region was a zone of commercial competition for Swedish and Dutch interests. Later, former members of the Dutch Company of the West Indies encouraged the Swedish king, Gustav II Adolf, to colonize; the resulting colony was called New Sweden. Governor Peter Stuyvesant of New Netherlands considered it a commercial rival, which makes it New Sweden in 1655 and renamed it New Amsteel. The Dutch followed the British, who took these colonies in 1664.

The continuing shortage of labor made slaves were used, generating a lucrative trade that grew until it was banned by the county in 1776.

On December 7, 1787 New Castle County became the first county to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

During the Anglo-American War of 1812, British ships patrolled the waters of New Castle County Bay; Lewes bombed the ...
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