Diabetes In Pregnancy

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Diabetes in Pregnancy

Research Paper on Diabetes in Pregnancy


The onset of diabetes during pregnancy is a condition when the body of a pregnant woman is not sufficiently able to use up the carbohydrates from the food to produce energy. As a result there is an increase in the blood sugar level. In other words it is the degree of intolerance of glucose with its onset during the period of pregnancy (Novak, 2004, pp. 11). The occurrence of gestational diabetes is still unclear but it is a common belief that the most of the women who develop gestational diabetes are either overweight before pregnancy or have a family history of diabetes. Diabetes is notorious to complicate the pregnancy cases by 14%. The precipitating factor of diabetes is poor metabolic regulation of glucose in body.

The hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are the two conditions of diabetes that may occur during the pregnancy. Any treatment aimed at the treatment of diabetes should focus on the achieving Normoglycemia (Novak, 2004, pp. 11). In order to minimize the risk of lethal malfunctions it is advisable to keep a standard pace in care and treatment of pregnant women (NHS, 2013). Among all the other adverse effects, the most alarming is the risk that is posed on the health and well-being of the child.

Significance of the study

Majority of the studies that were conducted originally on the care of women having Gestational Diabetes Mellitus do not explain the role of diabetes nurse as an active care provider. It is a good sign that now days the nurse practitioners are devoted towards getting more and more knowledge and are struggling to remain up to date for enhancing their expertise with respect to the provision of quality care to patients. The backup was provided by the endocrinologists in the period of diabetes nurse ...
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