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My Life, My Demons-“Frankenstein” reflecting Mary Shelley's Life Experiences


For my major research paper, I am going to read Mary Shelly's “Frankenstein” and then analyse how closely the characters and the plot relate to the life experiences of Mary Shelley and how these experiences compelled her to write “Frankenstein


“Frankenstein” cannot just be read as a literary work of the early 19th century, but it also shows the work of Mary's mind Frankenstein is a dramatized autobiography since elements of the novel are directly related to Shelley's experiences and her understanding of science.

Thesis Statement

Scary, terrifying or unsettling stories are especially difficult to fit into the dominant theories related to art and aesthetics, however, some powerful ones which are derived from the personal experiences in the authors and appeal to imagination. From individual experiences, it is known that mostly nightmares leave an impression on people than dreams do when they wake up. This is because people do not usually wish to admit the innermost insecurities and fears even to themselves as portrayed by these stories, but, Mary Shelley had the courage to reveal her fears in the form of “Frankenstein”. This story is considered by many as being parallel to some of the events of Shelley's own life. Her inability to produce a child is reflected in the disgust of Victor at his own failures in creating a human life. It can be said undoubtedly that personal fears and worries of Mary are reflected in the story. This story cannot be read completely as a semi autobiographical work, but these components cannot be ignored since they contribute to the vital elements to the story and to the motivation of Shelley to create Frankenstein.


The view that the life experiences of Mary Shelley created Frankenstein is analyzed in this paper by looking into the characters in the novel and individual events from the life of Shelley. Shelley's personal life and thought can clearly be viewed by the reading of Frankenstein since the novel draws from her own identify. The story also shows different viewpoints that Mary hold towards those around her. For instance, the idea that most of the deaths in the story like that f Victor's and the promised suicide of the creature stemmed from the first experience of young Shelley with death of her mother. Secondly, fear of abandonment by friends and family (her father Godwin and husband Percy) is also portrayed clearly in the novel in “one may speak to the mysterious fear of nature and awaken a thrilling horror-one to make the reader to look around and to curdle blood” (Shelley xxv-xxvi). The focus of this paper is to understand the events behind the creation of Frankenstein, followed by how personal trauma made Shelley ending up in isolation. Shelley's relationship with family is studied in light of the traits which Shelley assigned to each character in relation to her experiences. Emotional isolation of Shelley is analyzed by emphasizing on the character of Victor who created the monster out of his ...
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