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Research Papers on Logistics

Logistics refer to the overall management of the way resources are obtained, stored and moved to the locations where they are required. It is difficult to accomplish any marketing or manufacturing without logistical support. It involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging. Researchomatic has a collection of thousands of sample logistic research papers, such as Logistic Management, Reverse Logistics and Supply chain Management.

Universal Parcel Service (Ups)
Universal Parcel Service (UPS) Universal Parcel Service (UPS) Outline Universal Parcel Service (UPS) is a company that delivers packages. A huge number of packages are delivered by the company each day. The company works in the international market and is known for its logistics services such as distribution, transportation, forwarding, air and ocean ...
Warehouse Restructuring
Warehouse Restructuring Executive Summary Lexington Logistics Co., have been working for 30 years and the company has been providing service to different companies. The present operations of the company and the organizational structure are very traditional. The company operates two warehouses one in Versailles, KY and the other warehouse is located in ...
Supply Chain Operations putting The Patient & Family First
Supply Chain Operations Putting the Patient & Family First Supply Chain Operations Putting the Patient & Family First The contemporary and commonly held viewpoint of supply chain management in the literature of operations management has been evolving as an area of study from its basis in factory management, industrial engineering, and ...
Logistic Supply Chain Research Report And Financial Comparison
Logistic Supply Chain Research Report and Financial Comparison Table of Content Research Report (Part A)1 Introduction1 Methodology1 Supply Chain Reforms with Respect to National Australia Bank (NAB)2 Strong Customer Relationship Positively Affects Firm Performance2 Strong Supplier Involvement Positively Affects Firm Performance3 Customer Relationship and Supplier Involvement Are Positively Related4 Supply Chain Reforms with Respect to Westpac Banking ...
Research Analysis Methodology-Supply Chain Research Report
Research Analysis Methodology-Supply Chain Research Report Research Analysis Methodology-Supply Chain Research Report Research Analysis Methodology The research I conducted was about studying the supply chain reforms with respect to two companies. In order to conduct my research study I selected two Australian banks i.e. National Australia Bank (NAB) and Westpac Banking Corporation ...
Third-Party Relations
Third-Party Relations Abstract This paper has extensively explored the concept of the Third-party Relations (3PL). The main focus of the research was on the Pros and Cons of the Third-party Relations in reference to the cost and price and the benefits on the basis of the current global economy. However, the research ...
Inventory Management Through Supply Chain
Inventory Management through Supply Chain Managing inventory in the supply chain Introduction Inventory is termed as to be the lifeblood of supplychain in any organization. If it is managed properly and efficiently it brings greater revenues, profits and growth to the organization. Managing the supply chain is a strategic decision based on plans ...
Hardware And Software
Hardware and Software Hardware and Software Introduction Software is basically a collection of computer programs that contains specific instructions and tells the computer what to do and how to do. Software is also a collection of data and programs that are stored in the memory of the computer for some specific reasons. On ...
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management Introduction The definition of "supply chain" includes the following three functions: the supply of products from a manufacturer, the manufacturing process; and Distribution of finished products to consumers through a network of distributors and retailers (Christopher, 2011). Companies participating in different stages of this process are linked ...
Evaluation Of Service Quality Of Third Party Logistics Service Providers In Turkey: A case Study Of ‘nokta Lojistik’
Evaluation of service quality of third party logistics service providers in Turkey: A Case study of 'Nokta Lojistik' By ABSTRACT This dissertation is aims at evaluation of case of Nokta Lojistik, a third party logistics service provider in Turkey. In the study analysis includes distinction of services provided by Nokta Logistik from other logistic ...
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