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Research Papers on Logistics

Logistics refer to the overall management of the way resources are obtained, stored and moved to the locations where they are required. It is difficult to accomplish any marketing or manufacturing without logistical support. It involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging. Researchomatic has a collection of thousands of sample logistic research papers, such as Logistic Management, Reverse Logistics and Supply chain Management.

Motor Carriers
MOTOR CARRIERS Motor Carriers Motor Carriers Introduction Many industries rely on the trucking industry to operate. Retail stores need merchandise to be delivered, hospitals need supplies, manufacturers need supplies, and grocery stores need food delivered. The list goes on. As long as there is opportunity for growth in the economy, there is opportunity for ...
Global Supply Chain Management And Logistics
Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics Gate Gourmet: Success Means Getting to the Plane on Time Qs.1 Gate Gourmet is the world's second biggest airway catering company. Following are given some facts about the company: Providing catering services to many of the world's major airlines Provide 534,000 meals a day worldwide, on average 195,000,000 ...
WAREHOUSING How warehousing will evolve based on the future trends in strategic purchasing Abstract Many industries, those who have to manufacture their product are facing with a myriad of business pressures. On one hand, globalization and health-conscious consumers have created remarkable opportunities to develop new products, attract new customers, and explore ...
The Prohibition Era
THE PROHIBITION ERA The Legal and Ethical Aspects of the Prohibition Era The Legal and Ethical Aspects of the Prohibition Era Introduction The prohibition era was an attempt to legislate mortality knows as the Nobel Experiment which lasted from 1920 to 1933. It was established through the eighteenth amendment which banned the manufacture, transportation ...
Freight Expenses
FREIGHT EXPENSES Reduction of Freight Expenses in Car Retail Company Executive Summary Classic Industries is one of the major U.S automotive parts reseller. Currently the company is facing excessive freight cost expenses and is unable to identify how to reduce them. The paper highlights the issues related to freight cost which are ...
Reverse Logistics
REVERSE LOGISTICS Reverse Logistics Introduction Reverse logistics is the name given to the overall operations related to the reuse of products and materials and the development of a closed-loop supply chain. Reverse logistics involves planning and controlling an efficient and cost-effective flow of raw materials and finished goods from consumers back to ...
International Logistics
International Logistics Introduction Nowadays, competitive advantage requires an effective global supply chain strategy but brand success based on supply chain synchronization still relies on intangible human assets to transfer the product information. With increasing world trade cargo volumes, specialist logistics service providers have emerged, including those offering services specific to each mode ...
Strategic Sourcing
Strategic Sourcing Outline The outline on the topic of Strategic Sourcing is given as under: Introduction This section of the paper clearly explains the concept of Strategic Sourcing. The current context of business requires organizations to rethink their approach to purchasing and logistics and should consider this area in a strategic way. Thesis Statement In this ...
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