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Research Papers on Teachers Career

The profession of teaching not only relies on professional knowledge and learning but also on the development of professional identity. Researchomatic features a range of teacher’s career research papers which focus on continued professional learning. The variety of teacher’s career research papers provided will allow readers to understand and analyze the central tasks involved in the profession.

Special Education
Special Education Table of Contents Introduction1 Discussion1 History2 Special Students' Needs3 Current Development and Researches3 Disabilities4 Integration4 Diversity5 Challenges of Behavioral Problems5 Inclusion for Special Education6 What people can do if their child needs Special Education7 Using IDEA to Mainstream Special Needs Students7 Conclusion10 Special Education Introduction The development of the concept of people with Special education is very recent. It covers a wide diversification of the ...
Education, A Privilege Or A Right
Education, a privilege or a right Education, a privilege or a right Education, a privilege or a right To be able to understand this question, it is essential to see the roots of this topic, and the regulations concerned to them. The right to education is one of the basic human rights ...
Philosophical Perspectives
PHILOSOPHICAL PERSPECTIVES Philosophical Perspectives Abstract In this paper, we try to focus on the philosophical perspectives, as it plays an important role in our life. The paper discusses the views of progressivism, essentialism, and perennialism. The paper also highlights one philosophical perspective that is most closely related to my philosophy. Philosophical Perspectives Introduction The views ...
Information Technology
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Information Technology Abstract Information technology has become the backbone of a global society. Furthermore, “Information technology is changing every institution, every business and every individual in a profound way”. One of the major trends of educational reform is geared towards acquiring and using information technology. In this paper, we try ...
EDUCATION How do teachers ensure effective provision for gifted and talented and talented children? Table Of Contents Rationale of the Research3 Introduction3 History3 Early Literature Review4 Weaknesses of Current Practices8 Discussion9 Linkage amidst Thoery & Practice10 Inclusive Classrooms12 Implementation of Special Education Philosophy 13 Personal Experience & Understanding14 Conclusion15 References16 Rationale of the Research The premise of choosing this topic is that special/gifted and talented ...
Students Problems
STUDENTS PROBLEMS Students Success Problems in Schools [Name of the Institute] Student Success Problems in Schools Introduction Teachers, educators, parents and even students themselves are increasingly recognizing the problem of school failure. In this paper, we elaborate the most common causes of failures, their impact on motivation to learn and examples deal with the problems ...
The Five Disciplines And A Standards Aligned System
The Five Disciplines and a Standards Aligned System The Five Disciplines and a Standards Aligned System Clear Standards Clear standards are defined as the term suggests that higher the level higher will be the standards of the education. This clear standards could gave rise in more and better education and understanding of the ...
Bay County Florida
BAY COUNTY FLORIDA Bay County Florida Abstract This paper highlights five programs or service areas that are now available in the public schools in the Bay County District. The programs were not available when I was in school, which is why they are a surprise to me. The schools that have adopted or ...
Reflective Paper
REFLECTIVE PAPER Reflective Paper Reflective Paper I was just an ordinary kid. All I did was, went to school and came back home. No one knew me, and the ones who did, for them was only a 'book worm'. Nonetheless, time passed, and I came to high school. I was always a ...
Labeling Students
LABELING STUDENTS Labeling Students in a School System [Institution Name] Labeling Students in a School System Introduction The paper focuses on the practice of labeling students in a school and the effects it has on the students, parents, government and society as a whole. Labeling of students in the school system is a common practice, ...
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