Environmental Analysis Of Implementing Green Management

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Environmental Analysis of Implementing Green Management

Environmental Analysis of Implementing Green Management


Green management is a key concept that stresses on the importance of working for the betterment of the environment. It goes a long way in successfully molding the different processes according to the betterment of environment. Green environment has been known to have significant impact on the overall environment. The different processes that lead to pollution hazards are eliminated with an effective implementation of Green management. Many societies comprehend the importance and implementation of Green management as a key tool for increasing the safety of the environment and people associated with it (Carter, 2006).

The aspect of Green management must be employed by the Miami city on a comprehensive basis. The basic problem facing Miami has been the lack of green management which has led to major environmental issues in the context of its environment. The planting of trees and other similar measures go a long way in successfully implementing the concept of green management as well as reaping the rewards of green management. Protection of the natural habitat has been a primary concern for environmentalists in Miami and thus we would look to construct a project proposal that addresses the environmental issues in green management. The building of green infrastructures and buildings as well as incorporating the element of greening management in the overall environment would be a substantial aim for us (Carter, 2006).

Internal Environment

The internal environment has huge implications for the success of our project proposal and thus we need to identify the scope of internal environment that could significantly impact the potential of our project. The internal environment would constitute of the management team that would be responsible for successfully devising and implementing the crux of project. The management team would be responsible to monitor the progress of project as well as allocate the appropriate resources for successful execution of the project's aims (Florida & Davison, 2001).

External Environment

The external environment would have even greater implications than internal environment for the successful execution of our project proposal. The external environment constitutes of the government, regulators, organizations, communities and other similar entities. The successful implementation of green management requires addressing the concerns of the external environment as it has the necessary potential to significantly impact the progression of green management initiatives. There would be many threats from the different external entities and thus our proposal should aim at addressing these concerns on a comprehensive basis (Florida & Davison, 2001).

Effect of Internal and External Environments

The internal and external environments can have massive impacts on the successful progression in green management as these environments have the potential to significantly impact the success of our project. The internal and external environments constitute of having major stakeholders pertaining to green management initiatives. Without successfully addressing their concerns in the implementation of green management, we would be unable to successfully go ahead with the implementation of green management initiatives. The internal environment can have significant impact in the ...
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