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Aristotle's Definition of Theater

According to Aristotle, Theatre is a form of performance art. The main means of expression is an actor, which, through the action, using different theatrical techniques and forms of existence, communicates the essence of what is happening on stage (Thira, 1997).

Components of Theater

Aristotle outlined the following components of the theater:


It is the basic component of the theater. The playwright has to write a strong script on which the whole production is based on.


The actors who play the part are also important as through them the whole essence of the play is demonstrated to the audience.


The type of melody is significant component of the play. It must be selected as per the script and essence of the play.


This is the coordination of the creative efforts usually headed up in theatre by the director.


This is the end and complete outcome of the work.


Audience is also a crucial part of the whole process. if there is no audience there wont be any theater.

Director's Role in Theater

Director refers to a person who is responsible for the management of various organizations and institutions such as a company, a business, a theater, a setting of education, and a football team, among others. Its main task will then be the address, direct staff or individuals who are in charge and guide them as best as possible towards meeting the target. Another kind of director is well known theater director, who is the lead, mount and orchestrate the assembly of a play, it being one of its functions, the unification of criteria and behavior of production. The theater director coordinates all aspects of the work, costumes, lighting, acting and makeup, being responsible for the entire final product will be staged (Hartnoll, 2009).

It is said that the director is a spectator professional. In ...
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