Improvement of Healthcare Activities for the Public

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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The changing environment of the society and the increasing diseases due to the climatic changes requires a number of strategic goals and objectives to be developed for every healthcare organization. The main aim of this paper is to identify and discuss the strategic goals at micro, meso and macro levels that would play a vital role in the improvement of healthcare activities for the public. It is very significant that the stakeholders of Poudre Valley Health System are focused towards the reduction of the “No Show” due to which a number of debacles have been experienced to the management of the organizations (Ogrinc, 2008). It has been aimed to create a number of effective strategic objectives that would reflect the mission and vision of the healthcare organization of Poudre Valley Health System.

The mission of the Poudre Valley Health System is “to maintain and operate a state-of-the-art hospital dedicated to the provision of quality, compassionate, and cost-effective patient care while rendering the most advanced professional services to our patients.”

The vision of the Poudre Valley Health System is “to become the premiere leaders in the health care industry, addressing all health care needs of our community while eliminating the need to seek health care services outside of our region.”

One of the most significant strategic objective is to respond to the increasingly urgent calls for the strengthening of health systems through the development of primary health care, which is seen as a means to achieve the goal of improving the health status of the population (Lighter, 2011). For this, it is necessary to take measures in four policy areas: moving towards universal coverage of health services, the reorientation of the traditional forms of medical care for the provision of services tailored to the needs of the population, including health in ...
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