Expected Pattern Of Children Development

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Expected Pattern of Children Development

Expected Pattern of Children Development

0 - 3 Years

Physical development

A baby transitions from physical dependence to independence through self-help and other skills during first three years of life (Labandz, 2010). Initially, an infant tries to lift his head and shoulders with self-control in the third month. One of the most essential skills an infant learns is the ability to move. Crawling happens at the 9th month of age. Toe Walking begins at the age of 1 year. A baby gets complete strength for walking and standing at the age of 1.5 years. The propensity for the baby's legs to turn down will correct itself at the age of 3 years (Cowling, 2013).

Communication and Intellectual Development

An infant learn communication skills right from birth, and they are able to react to many sounds. Although the rate is different in each baby, but intellectual development is a general pattern. At the age of 0 - 1 year, a child begins to develop communication skills by using simple words. He is also able to shake his head for yes or no and follow the simple instructions. A child is able to make short sentences and questions by the age of two years (Charles, 2009). Social Development

Babies are referred to as social creatures. They begin to collect and connect to information from their families. By the end of one year, a baby is interested in exploration. He loves to explore different things. By the age of two years, a child develops his desire for autonomy. He will also develop emotions and feelings (Anthony, 2013). Emotional and Behavioral Developments

At the age of 0 - 3 years, a child faces alteration in his behavior and emotions. He will try to show his emotions in front of his parents He will learn to manage his feelings and behavior. He will copy the acts done by adults, which is a major alteration is the behavior (Parent & Child Magazine, 2013).

3 - 7 Years

Physical development

A child is able to walk forward and backward perfectly at the age of 4 years. He gets enough strength to stand on his one foot. He will have increase endurance in playing. He will start to climb and run at the age of 6 years. He will incorporate motor skills as well. At the age of 7, a child has a perfect coordination for throwing and catching. His reaction time will also be improved (Parent & Child Magazine, 2013). Communication and intellectual development

A child will develop stuttering during stress at the age of 4 - 7 years. He will begin to read and write properly. He will be able to communicate with complete and logical sentences. He will also take part in family discussion effectively (Parent & Child Magazine, 2013).

Social Development

A child will start to blame for anything that goes wrong. Boys will not like to be kissed in public. He will also like to make friends in school and ...
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