Family Assessment

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Family Assessment

Potential Health and Social Issues

Business Management

Tim's father harsh treatment to his sons as a Father

Love and relationship between Jemma and Tim that can be affected without making love or sex.

Actual Health and Social Issues

Financial Issue

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Discomfort in Her Lower Back

The first and foremost problem that is quite evident in this case study is related to tight finances. The expenditures of Jemma and Tim after the birth of twins will increase so they need extra finances to make up those expenditures. However, due to the pregnancy of Jemma, she is taking rest at home and has arranged someone to take care of her florist business. Nevertheless, the person whom she has arranged might not do the business with the same spirit as Jemma so this can become problem for the family and result in more financial deficit. Moreover, the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease can affect the conceived twins and affect their health. Therefore, this is another actual health issue that could shake Jemma and Tim psychologically and emotionally (Williams, 2005).

Additionally, Jemma is experiencing a discomfort in her lower back which can deteriorate her health that will eventually affect the health of conceived twins. Although this is common as the ligaments relax in preparation for the birth and Jemma has attended antenatal classes as well as pre-natal exercise and relaxation classes to deal with this issue, it still pose a great threat to the health of children as well as their mother (Richens et al., 2010).

The harsh treatment that Tim received in his childhood from his father Hank can be surfaced in the genetic code of the twins and affect their genetic code negatively. Hank was a harsh disciplinarian who showed little warmth and travelled away a lot with work. Sex helps cementing and maintaining love and compassion between husband and wife. Sex has been vanished from the lives of Jemma and Tim due to the pending birth of twins. Although, Tim understands the situation and do not force Jemma for anything, absence of sex in their lives would create gulf between them that would create further problems for them (Duran et al., 2011).

Task 2


Identification of Strength

Tim's Supportive Behaviour

Tim makes sure that Jemma eats a good diet as he enjoys cooking and is very excited about becoming a father.

Support from Extended Family Members

Maryanne is very supportive of Jemma and Tim and is looking forward to helping with more grandchildren.

Jemma's Established Business

Jemma ...
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