Family Assessment

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Family Assessment

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Family Assessment

In order to fulfil the assignment I took as sample the Robinson family. They are a young couple who have a 3-year-old son, live nearby my house and are on very good terms with me.

Structural Assessment

Family Composition

The husband/fathers' full name is Mr. Jeffory Robinson, his wife's' name is Angelina Robinson and their son is named Adam Jeffory Robinson. Both Mr. and Mrs. Robinsons' parents have passed away. Mr. Robinson was an only child while Mrs. Robinson has two more sisters. They both are happily married; one resides in Europe while the other is currently living in Canada. This is both the partners first wedding, they were both single previously.

Home and Community Environment

They live in a two-bedroom apartment, situated on the fourth floor. The building houses two elevators, with a standby-backup generator and a staircase. Each of the floors has a firebox and a hose outlet in case of emergencies.

There are no smoke detectors in the house; however, there is a fire escape, which can be accessed in case of fire emergencies. All of the windows of the house are majorly closed all the time because the family is used to living in an Air-Conditioned environment.

This acts as a double-edged sword as it keeps the environmental pollution like smoke, noise and other issues outside, but it also prevents any fresh air from entering the house. The constant air-conditioning slowly takes a toll on the health of the individuals especially children.

A family doctor's clinic is situated at a mere 10 minute drive from the apartment. Adams' school is located near to Angelina's office so she is responsible for picking and dropping him from and to school.

Recently the only major crisis, which the family faced, was the death of Mrs. Jeffory's mother. She died on a traffic incident last month. The whole family was disturbed because she was excellent terms with them, being the only relative in the vicinity and Adam was very much attached to her. At her death, the child was mostly confused, because the family did not tell him about her death. Whenever he asked about his grandmother, her mother would simply say that she has gone to visit one of her sisters in Canada or Europe.

Occupation and Education of Family Members

Angelina works as a part-time receptionist at a local bank while Jeffory runs a car showroom. The salaries of both the parents are enough to let them live a satisfied and contented life-style with a regular savings at the bank. They both are satisfied with their jobs because Angelina has less working hours at the bank allowing her time to keep up with Adam and the housework. Jeffory owns his own car showroom, so he is exempted from the pressures of an employee. They have good medical and health insurance because of which they are not financially strained due to any illness or diseases. They both graduated from the same Community College, where Angelina was pursuing a degree in ...
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