Family Assessment

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Family Assessment - resiliency factors for yourself and your family of origin.

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Family System2

My Family Genogram3

Processes of Family Resilience4


Protective Mechanisms5

Impact of different factors on family resilience, stressors and protective mechanism6

My Approach6



Resiliency is commonly found amongst families in America; they tackle the issues with flexibility, be it an economic, social, or natural challenge, and manage to rise above them. Family resiliency is family members are successfully coping up under hardships which enable them to prosper with affection, unity, and support. Therefore, their children build resilient behavior and have a positive approach towards life.

Family System

There is a system within families as they are building upon stable elements, they display rational behavior, they have frequent interactions, and they are interdependent on one another (Morgaine, 2001). Family system consists of interrelated elements, which are the family members, boundaries amongst members be it close or open, function as a whole, and develop member's behavior by setting up rules or setting living standards. Family system also comprises of sub systems that are the system between small groups of family members, for example, between two siblings. My family systems greatly emphasize on the fact of leading a life with unity, and support family members in whatever way possible. We learn in our early ages the value of a family and how to have a proper functioning family in every aspect of life. During our childhood, we use to visit our family hometown Ottoville, located in Ohio, on a regular basis to meet all our relatives there and maintain family bonding, and enjoy local festivities. However, with time there is a reduction in our visits due to change in lifestyle and busy schedules. For a better understanding of my family background, I have made a family linkage. Therefore, on the following is graphical orientation of my family genogram.

My Family Genogram

Processes of Family Resilience

A family is like an organization and to run the system smoothly we have to follow the processes appropriately. Most crucial point to operate everything fluently is effective communicating. However, family becomes more resilient by interacting with family members more frequently and understanding each other.

Development of a resilient family can be achieved through different approaches. Member share his or her weakness, negative points, and personal fears in return that get support and attain solution to their problems (Jenson & Fraser, 2006). However, in my family we practice meeting on birthdays and other routine events so that we celebrate joyful moments together. My parents greatly emphasize on having dinner meal collectively. This enables us to discuss daily happenings. Another vital point that families need to consider having a positive approach towards life is making- meanings for negatives events are very important. I remember that when I was 10 my dad got unemployed, and my mother was very stressed out, but my grandparents were there to develop positivity out of this catastrophe. Hence, my dad took a courageous step, and we moved ahead.

Moreover, my grandmother is undoubtedly found of family get together and ...
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