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Fashion Marketing

Fashion Marketing


Hunky Dory is one of the well known fashion industry located in Brick Lane. It is a treasure trove of women and men`s clothes for hand-picked and additional accessories from the time of 40s to 80s in Brick Lane, situated in East London. Hunky Dory is a small store comprised of two floors with basement. Hunky Dory store always keeps the customers towards the attractive, reasonable, trendy and blend of old and new style wearing stuffs. It covers the large population group who love to live in the current fashion but with the combination of antique trends of style.

Discussion and Analysis of Hunky Dory at Brick Lane

Brick Lane is the oldest market place located in East London. It was developed in seventeenth century. The market is famous for providing all kind of stuff such as clothing stuff, antique books, tasty food and others. In the year of 2000, around 250 businesses, eaters and shops were started. The market is providing security along with the shopping stuff to the customers. Five years ago, Hunky Dory was founded in the year of 2008. The previous branch of Hunky Dory was located in Greenwich by the name of Observatory. Observatory was opened in 1990 and then closed in 2009 after establishing of Hunky Dory, in Brick Lane. Hunky Dory Vintage is situated at 226 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, and London.

The owner of Hunky Dory is Ian Bodenham. He was the owner of Observatory, a shop located at Greenwich. According to the owner of Hunky Dory, he moved to Brick Lane because of the characteristic to earn greater revenue via increased people`s desire for quality products. According to Ian Bodenham, it is one of the characteristics of Hunky Dory that has appealed the customers towards the shops in Brick Lane within a month. The owners of Hunky Dory do not possess any other business and serve their all time for the fashion designing. They are involved in reminding the old fashion of the era between 40s and 80s. Luckily, customers attracts to this approach of Hunky Dory and in this way, they are successfully running their business in true means of fashion.

Hunky Dory has increased the number of customers, vendors, a good business relationships as well as the revenue from the year of establishment. At the initial stage, the owner of the shop started at two floors of the shop. With the passage of time, they not only have increased their product services but also have opened the basement of the shop to offer the god, unique and trendy wearing stuff to the public. Hunky Dory provides the unique style of clothes to their customer of fashion lover. The facilities of clothes, bags, shoes and other stuff make them stylish and different from other people. Moreover, the shop offers the reasonable prices of quality products. The stuff provided by the shop is not old as its name indicates, but present the old styles dresses in combination with current ...
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