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Issues of Fast Food on Health

Issues of Fast Food on Health


This is our duty to take of our health and for this reason food plays an important role to maintain the health. Fast food is a type of food which involves heavy amount of fats and protein. The excess amount of fast food may cause obesity and many other diseases (Fieldhouse, 1995). In Australia obesity is increasing, and the result of this obesity may cause many diseases like blood pressure, dubieties, and many other problems related to heart. The effects of fast food are numerous and can be lessen, if the ratio between food intake and exercise remain in balance.

This research identifies the issue cause by heavy intake of fast food in our daily life. Most of the children, youngsters and adults like fast food because it consumes less time and good in taste, but the after affects of fast food cannot be neglected (Crawford et al, 2008, pp. 250) The fast food involves fried fish, hamburger, hot dogs, fried chicken etc.

(Fast Food Accounts for 11 Percent of Daily Calories, 2013)


This research is about the increasing effects of fast food on health. In Australia most of the teenagers prefer fast food more than other type of food available in the market. The food chain restaurants like Mc. Donald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. are spending a heavy amount on the advertisement of their restaurants (Counihan et al, 2012, pp. 27). The target people of these advertising agencies which make advertisements for fast food chains are the teenagers.

(Fast food consumption 2013)

Australia has now becomes eleventh biggest nation on earth spending on fast food (Markey, 2011). According to the global research company  “Euromonitor” data correspond with the snapshot of obesity by an Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in Australia released shows that 1 in 4 Australians people were obese in 2007 to 2008. According to the report of the Victorian Government by the year 2008, 75% of Australian women and 83% of men above 20 years and above will be overweight or obese if they follow the current trend.

Australian nation is facing national crises because of fast food and obesity. Fast food is the one of the most prominent reasons of obesity in Australia. In western Australia about 59% populations are obese or over weight in the city Perth, in contrast 72% in the other regions. In the year 2007, approximately 17 thousand fast food restaurants served nearly 1.64 billion take away meals or different fast food. The trend of eating out of home is increasing in Australia and mostly people do not prefer eating at home.

Issues & Effects of Fast Food on Health

Fast foods are easy to eat and save a lot of time in this busy life but it also have bad impacts on the health of a person eating fast food on a regular basis (Rosenheck et al, 2008, pp. 538). It may cause headaches because the processed meat contains artificial sweeteners, monosodium ...
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