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Assignment on Finance

A finance assignment needs to be based on basic concepts that are acquired through considerable research and understanding. In order to meet such research needs of its users, Researchomatic has designed a dedicated section to finance assignments. These finance assignments can be used by teachers as well as students.

Financial Information Management
FINANCIAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Financial Information Management Financial Information Management Spreadsheet of the Selected Investments Company Investment    Beta   Weighting Share Price(£)  Investment  Date  No.  Of  Shares Amount      BxC     investment  price  B/E Reckitt Benckiser 10000 0.85 8500 4848 2 ABF 10000 0.57 5700 2267 4 Majestic wine plc 2000 0.06 120 554 3 Cobham plc 20000 0.95 19000 288.2 69 Easy jet 18000 0.88 15840 1309 13 Tesco 10000 0.69 6900 364.2 24 FIF PLC 10000 0.68 6800 67 149 M&Spencer 10000 0.71 7100 503.5 19 Goodwin plc 4000 0.38 1520 3699 1 GNS Genus plc 6000 0.48 2880 1320 4 Total 100,000 74,360 Avg Beta D13/B13 weighted average=0.74% Selected Approach: Weighted Average Cost of Capital The approach that has been selected to create ...
Debt & Equity
DEBT & EQUITY Discussion on Debt & Equity Financing Discussion on Debt & Equity Financing Introduction Companies need capital to carry out their every day operations. They also need capital if they decide to expand their current operations. Raising capital or finance is not an easy task as it involves complex decision making processes. ...
Financial Analysis
FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Understanding the Concept of Sources of Finance Introduction3 Discussion3 Task 1(Learning Objective 1)3 1.1. Sources of Financing available to a Business4 1.1.a. Internal Financing5 1.1.b. External Financing6 1.2. Implication of Sources of Financing7 1.2.a. Loan financing7 1.2.b. Equity Financing7 1.2.c. Debt Financing7 1.3. Evaluate the Appropriate Source of Financing for a Business Project7 Task 2 (Learning Objective 2)8 2.1. Cost of ...
Investment Decision
INVESTMENT DECISION Investment Decision Investment Decision Section A: Introduction to the topic A paradigm widely considered as how prices react in speculative markets is the efficient market hypothesis (EMH). This theory is based upon the research of Fama which was conducted in the year that “A market in which prices always ...
Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting Executive Summary To see whether company is in stable position for investment, it is preferable to analyze their financial statement via different techniques. The best techniques according to financial management books are Ratio analysis. In this paper, entire focus is on financial analysis of Konsortium Transnasional Berhad covering liquidity, profitability, ...
Management of Business Operations
Excel Homework Introduction Business operations are a complex mechanism that needs to be comprehended correctly if it is to be in line with the objectives of the entrepreneurs. Management of business operations requires a detailed assessment of the business processes and policies. Short-comings need to be identified if the business if it ...
International Investments, Inc.
International Investments, Inc. International Investments, Inc Introduction The focus of this paper would be on evaluating global investing with respect to international stock market indices, interest rate and inflation. This report will also cover a recommendation for investment. Two different methods have been employed to see appropriate evaluation of investment i.e. ...
Mergers In The Banking Industry
Mergers in the Banking Industry Mergers & Acquisitions in Banks INTRODUCTION The mergers Bank currently issue on the table across the country, mainly in the financial, political and economic analysts, although, with mergers which seeks to strengthen the structures but with a view to financial benefit the user (which to date ...
Word And Excel Applications
Word and Excel Applications Bill Anderson 7910 E. Essex Ave #26 Chicago, IL 60602 Dear Anderson, Thanks for your groovy donation of $100. With your help, The Electric Mayhem will finally be able to go on one of those world tours that other bands are always talking about. Traveling by map is crazy expensive and ...
Managing Financial Resources
MANAGING FINANCIAL RESOURCES Managing Financial Resources Managing Financial Resources Task 1 Explain what principles of costing and business control systems may be adopted in BUPA. The principles of the costing and business control systems are going to matter a lot for the BUPA Home Care. The most important element for the Manager is ...
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