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Assignment on Finance

A finance assignment needs to be based on basic concepts that are acquired through considerable research and understanding. In order to meet such research needs of its users, Researchomatic has designed a dedicated section to finance assignments. These finance assignments can be used by teachers as well as students.

Financial Analysis
Financial Analysis Financial Analysis Research and Analysis: Amazon Company Horizontal and Vertical Analysis of Amazon Vertical Analysis Horizontal Analysis 2010 2009 2010 2009 2010 Current liabilities:   $   $   %  %   % Accounts payable 8,051 $5,605 42.83 40.578 143.6396075 Accrued expenses and other 2,321 1,759 12.34772 12.73 131.9499716 Total current liabilities 10,372 7,364 55.17902 53.31 140.8473656 Long-term liabilities 1,561 1,192 8.304517 8.63 130.9563758 Total liabilities 11,933 8,556 63.48353 61.94 139.4693782           According to vertical analysis, Amazon Company increased its total liabilities from 61% to 63% ...
Safety Management
SAFETY MANAGEMENT Safety Management - Water Gate Park Introduction1 Aim of the Study2 Discussion2 Safety Management2 The Construction Industry4 Safety Management of the Water Gate - Aqua Leisure Water Park5 Tools of Safety Management7 Work and Worker Centric System7 Autocratic and Democratic Safety Management8 Social Mobilization9 Services And Technical Solutions9 Safety Management Plan10 Fire Prevention11 Incidents11 Inspection of the Safety Management11 Conclusion12 Safety Management - Water Gate Park Introduction Water ...
Capital Budgeting Techniques
CAPITAL BUDGETING TECHNIQUES Capital Budgeting and Investment Appraisal: The Epsilon PLC Case Abstract Capital budgeting techniques helps organizations undertaking long-term or capital expenditures decisions through calculating the potential value that is generated by the company through implementing such decision. The report covers an application of the capital budgeting technique with context to ...
Crystal Lake Park Expansion Strategy Decision – Report
Crystal Lake Park Expansion Strategy Decision - Report The following table briefly describes the strategy that the management of Crystal Lake should follow according to the financial results obtained from the analysis. The results are showing that Water park should be used as the expansion in Crystal Lake Park because ...
REGENERATION A Critical Engagement with Regeneration Schemes A Critical Engagement with Regeneration Schemes Part 1 Overview of the topic The rehabilitation and urban regeneration are called to play a role central to housing policy in the coming years, as an efficient solution sustainable future and when to meet the housing needs of ...
The Dividend Decision Is Unimportant To The Wellbeing Of A Comapny
THE DIVIDEND DECISION IS UNIMPORTANT TO THE WELLBEING OF A COMAPNY The dividend decision is unimportant to the wellbeing of a company The dividend decision is unimportant to the wellbeing of a company Introduction One of the most discussed issues with respect to company's responsibility towards its shareholders is of taking dividend payout ...
Complexities Of The Us Financial System
Complexities of the US Financial System Complexities of the US Financial System Introduction Financial markets are the place organizations broaden money and to eliminate risks associated with foreign exchange or interest rates. Since the exchange of open trade, any investor can take advantage by exchanging these securities. U.S. Budgetary markets create ...
Understanding The Behavior Of Stock Returns And Stock Prices
Understanding the Behavior of Stock Returns and Stock Prices Understanding the Behavior of Stock Returns and Stock Prices Introduction For the past three decades, investors have been interested in the behavior of the stock prices. Over the period of time, the stock market observers made attempts in order to discover whether ...
Decision Making
DECISION MAKING Business Decision Making Business Decision Making LO one (1) - Be competent To Use A range of Sources for the gathering of Data from all sources (Primary & Secondary) Background Industry of smart phone is growing at a rapid pace, due to increased demand of smart phone. In this section we are ...
Managing Finance Resource
MANAGING FINANCE RESOURCE Managing Finance Resources and Decisions Managing Finance Resource and Decisions Task 3: Alpha Ltd 3.1 (a) Prepare Monthly Cash Budget from July to December and recommend for the short term borrowing analysing the results. (AC 3.1) Alpha Ltd Cash budget  For the period ended Dec 2009   June July August September October November December   £'000 £'000 £'000 £'000 £'000 £'000 £'000 Cash inflows   Sales 280 500 550 600 630 640 ...
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