Foreign Language Learning

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Foreign Language Learning Experience and Methodologies

Foreign Language Learning Experience and Methodologies


The foreign language learning experience at TESOL is exceptionally interesting, as individuals belonging to diverse nationalities cultures, values, and behaviours approach to learn English language. People experience different feelings, interests, and inspirations with respect to various methods and strategies TESOL's trainers and teacher apply on them for learning. There are several exciting facts related to the language learning experience that vary for all students as the teachers apply different methodologies and they do not follow single set of instructions, sequences, and steps for all learners. Whereas some documents, guidelines, practices, and norms are standardize. My learning experience was unique in some aspects as compared to other learners.

My Foreign Language Learning Experience

My experience of learning the Foreign Language was unique in my feelings, behaviour, and expectations as well as situation vise interesting with respect my teachers' behaviour. The teachers were friendly and used to interact face to face to provide the opportunities for elaborating, commenting, and expanding our input in the learning processes. I came up with the expectation that the teachers ought to be highly cooperative and supportive at the foreign language learning institute like TESOL. I was very positive about the environment and teachers' training skills and behaviour. No doubt all it was according to my expectations that the teachers practically proved to be very cooperative especially with the assessment; the assessments were both formal and informal.

The classroom activities, lessons, and assessments were planned and consistent in delivering potential help for achievements. The teachers' skills, knowledge, and efforts were effective for my learning advantage. The TESOL training methods, theories, and research was potentially of higher credibility and standard as they complement the students learning needs. TESOL's learning activities were arranged for individuals and groups. These activities include discussions and researches along will the guideline material. The material was consequently provided to students at the entry level was in context that learners can relate to it as they belong to various parts of the world.

The material typically used simple, easy, and understandable language and the highly technological terminologies were avoided. The teachers did not apply a single method to develop language learning capabilities, although they always maintained the quality and standards of conducts while teaching that anticipate their professional behaviour. The teachers were disciplined, authorized, and knowledge oriented to provide an environment where we as the learners believed that there are several techniques, ways, and methods of learning. The teachers were skill oriented; they had expertise to make learners perform on various functions, activities, and lesson that were developed on the basis of the institutions' specific plan or format.

The learning processes and activities possess the objectives including instructional objectives, classroom exercises, analysis of relevant and recommended readings, questions answer sessions to elicit interest, developing interest in reasons to achieve learning objectives, teacher's provided material for preparation, and presentations. In addition, few classroom activities were arranged to demonstrate the behaviours and actions of the ...
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