Health Care Innovations

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Health Care Innovations

Health Care Innovations


Innovation is the establishment of novel values for the customers by means of solutions which come up to upcoming, implicit, or old customer and market requirements in novel and innovative manners. This is achieved by means of distinct or more effectual processes, products, technologies, services, or concepts which are voluntarily obtainable to governments, markets, and the public. Medicine is one of the fields that ever required a revolution. Being expensive, muddled, inadequate and most frequently unproductive, the field of health care is ever longing for an innovation. Looking for innovative ideas to provide best of health care has never been more eminent than it is these days (Kotter, 2005).

Innovations in health care- improving quality of life

Innovation - bringing about change in the existing trends and practices with the use of sharp ideas and latest of technologies, has a great potential to improve the quality of people's lives by benefitting them and providing them with the best of their interests. This may be proven by looking at some good examples of innovation in health care, the sense in which they are actually innovative, the way they inculcate a change, and also the way they positively affect people's lives.


Health care is grasping something which is known by the pilots for decades; by refining intricacy, checklists may save people's lives. It is no wonder that by utilizing a minimal check list prior to a surgical treatment may help care homes spot out silly blunders even before they occur, that would reduce almost half of the risks to deaths. For example, at Johns Hopkins Hospital, a checklist when tested necessitated the doctors and surgeons to corroborate whether they had washed their hands before infusing the central line. The results were incredible; when the checklist was used by the doctors, the rate of line infection for the period of ten days dropped to zero from 11% (Von, 2003).

Patient Portals

The notion of systematizing all the information regarding health care at a single online place and synchronizing with business related to health from there only seems to be a complicated task on paper. Patients may log in to their personal protected portal, open and communicate their medical documents, retrieve lab test reports, cope with insurers, renew prescriptions and interact with nurses and doctors. This would not only reduce the chances of inefficiency and mistakes, but would also reduce health care spending costs and remove ...
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