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Research Papers on Asian Studies

Students of Asian studies are required to write research papers on different aspects. At times, it gets very difficult to find enough research material to write a good research papers. This section of Researchomatic will help its users to take advantage from huge database of Asian studies that is appropriate for writing quality research papers on Asian studies.

The Tang Dynasty
The Tang Dynasty Abstract In this study we try to explore the concept of Tang Dynasty in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on Tang Dynasty and its history, culture and social factors. The research also analyzes many aspects of Tang Dynasty and tries to gauge its effect ...
Abstract Kabuki is a Japanese theater which was originated in the 17th century. It is a form of entertainment for the Japanese audience in which plays are conducted on different Japanese stories which provide awareness and entertainment at the same time. All the characters are played my males in this theatre ...
Indian Relations
Indian Relations Introduction The European settlers were very enthusiastically welcomed by the natives such as the Massachusetts in the 17th century. On the other hand, there were people who dislike the Europeans on their shore. There were mixed perceptions of people related to the European settlers. Some were of the opinion that ...
Meiji Restoration Modernized Japan
Meiji Restoration modernized Japan Introduction The leader at that time Shogun was forced to surrender his power. The powers authoritatively were in hands of Emperor Mutsuhito and his period of influence is called the Meiji. It was not late when Japan westernized and quickly went to work crafting a constitution. There were ...
Asian History
Asian History Famous Speeches of Deng Xiaoping Table of Contents Introduction1 Discussion1 Conclusion6 References7 Famous Speeches of Deng Xiaoping Introduction Deng Xiaoping was born on 22nd August 1904. He was prominent Chinese reformist, a veteran revolutionist, and the main leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) between 1978 and early 1990s. He was never formally head of government or ...
SINGAPORE Singapore Singapore 1. Origins The Republic of Singapore lies in South-East Asia. In 1826 the East India Company formed the Straits Settlements by the union of Singapore and the dependencies of Penang and Malacca on the Malay Peninsula. They came under British rule in 1867. In 1946, Singapore became a independent ...
Chinese Impression Of Women
Chinese Impression of Women Chinese Impression of Women Introduction The People of china refer as the “Middle Kingdom to their country exhibiting that they were all among the centre throughout the history. Though in various regions of china, there is a difference in culture and linguistic but, overall they perceive it as having ...
Outline Outline Introduction The war in Korea broke out in 1950 because of the invasion of South Korea on the part of the army North Korea. The "Division of Korea" In 1943, an agreement between the United States, Britain and China provided for the independence of the Korean peninsula from Japan. John R. Hodge On September 8, ...
Korean War
Korean War Korean War Introduction The war in Korea led to one of the most acute phases of the Cold War, during which the world was holding its breath, fearing the outbreak of a new world war with the use of nuclear bombs that had been developed during World War II in ...
Tsunami And Earthquake Hit Japan
TSUNAMI AND EARTHQUAKE HIT JAPAN Massive Tsunami and Earthquake Hit Japan Writer's Name: Institutes Name: Massive Tsunami and Earthquake Hit Japan Introduction Tsunami- which is also, known as “Tsunami wave train” is basically a sequence of waves of water which are generated by the dislocation of the huge amount of body of water they can sometimes ...
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