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Research Papers on Asian Studies

Students of Asian studies are required to write research papers on different aspects. At times, it gets very difficult to find enough research material to write a good research papers. This section of Researchomatic will help its users to take advantage from huge database of Asian studies that is appropriate for writing quality research papers on Asian studies.

The Western Imperialism
The Western Imperialism The Western Imperialism Introduction In this paper, we will have a discussion over the western imperialism in general, and the responses of Japan, China and India towards it. Imperialism refers to the tendency of a political system of a country or its leaders to extend their influence to other countries ...
A Poem Revisited
A Poem Revisited Selection of Poem For the purpose of doing the analysis of a poem in which the poet has taken a opponent stance the poem that is selected is “The Groove at Zhu”. This is a poem written in Chinese. In this poem the poet has taken the opponent stance ...
The Silk Road
The Silk Road About the Silk Road The term “Silk Road” was first used in 1877 by the German explorer Baron Ferdinand von Richthofen. Silk and other valuable commodities traveled along the road, as did ideas, religions, and explorers. As the only permanent transcontinental conduit of Eurasia, the importance of the Silk ...
Chinese Negotiating Behavior
Chinese Negotiating Behavior Chinese Negotiating Behavior Introduction Since the year 1978, china economy has expanded and opened different paths to growth for the country. Over the years, the western countries have shown greater concern and interest in the Chinese market and therefore, they have negotiated with them in all aspects. The western countries ...
CULTURE Chinese Culture Abstract This paper presents comprehensive review on the concept of culture with specifications of the Chinese culture. The assignment commences with a definition and theoretical review of the term culture. A brief historical background of the Chinese culture is presented followed by the main characteristics of the culture. Moreover, ...
History Of China
History of China Introduction China is the second largest nation in the world. Its total area is more than 11,000,000 square miles. According to its area, it is larger than Europe and Oceania. It occupies a quarter of the land area of Asia and its surface is second only to Russia. As ...
Yamoto And Ainu Japanese
Yamoto and Ainu Japanese AINU JAPANESE The Ainu are a population living on the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan, the Kuril Islands , and to a lesser extent, the island Russian from Sakhalin and the coasts of the continent (Sosnoski, 1996). Culture The Ainu villages formerly of tribal organization are led by a ...
China Population
CHINA POPULATION Research on China Population in-contrast of One-child Policy Contents Introduction3 One-Child policy3 Population Growth and Fertility Rate4 Regional Differences4 Gender Disparities5 Criticism5 Benefits6 Human Rights6 One Child Policy6 History and policy6 Enforcement of policy7 Statistics and Fines7 Population growth and Fertility rates8 Overpopulation8 Social Issues8 Decline of Fertility rate8 Regional Differences9 Urban Policy9 Rural Policy9 Gender Disparities10 Son Preference10 Abandonment of females10 Female Infanticide10 Effect on female population11 Criticisms11 Policy Alternatives11 Exaggeration of benefits12 Unequal Enforcement12 The 4-2-1 problem13 Benefits13 Impact ...
Hong Kong
HONG KONG Hong Kong Hong Kong Introduction Hong Kong is an undersized island that is situated just at the southern coast of mainland of China. Hong Kong is a representation of free ventures as well as various projects as it is very profitable. The country is a full of life metropolis which is ...
Japanese Colonialism
JAPANESE COLONIALISM Evolution of Korean Language and Culture in Japan's Colonial Period [Writers Name] [Supervisor's Name] Introduction Late nineteenth century witnessed the rival visions of the major imperial powers to sought states to carve out spheres of trade for industrial and agricultural expansion. These colonial ambitions victimized Korea to make it a colony by China, ...
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