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Assignment on History

History students are often required to make assignments. At times a history assignment can be a little tricky and may require extensive research, which gets quite challenging for the students. To help students in this regard, this section of Researchomatic provides its users to with the greatest quality of research material which is especially customized for writing history assignment.

Impacts Of Industrial Revolution
IMPACTS OF INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Impacts of the Industrial Revolution in the Great Britain [Instructor name] [Course] Impacts of the Industrial Revolution in the Great Britain Introduction The period of the industrial revolution in the Great Britain is said to range from 1760 to about 1830. During this period major changes occurred in the Great Britain that ...
Victorian Era
VICTORIAN ERA Victorian Era Victorian Society and Its Values Were Centred On the Middle-Class Family and In Particular Women The Victorian era was a time when the class structure has become more complex. There were two major changes in the Victorian class structure. The old aristocracy, still part of the upper class, was ...
History Assignment
History Assignment Beginning in the 15th century Europe began a period of transformation out of economic, political, and social insignificance. What factors contributed to this change? With regular trade taking place between Europe and Asia, and with the exchange of trading ships and travel becoming more of a possibility, more inter-continental exchanges ...
E-Commerce Plan
E-Commerce Plan E-commerce Plan Introduction The assignment is based on a book shop known as Bunker Books. There is a need to provide a useful advice to the husband and wife who are the in charge of the book shop. They have been running this company since the last 20 years. ...
Hamas- Islamic Resistance Movement
HAMAS- Islamic Resistance Movement Abstract HAMAS is an acronym for ?arakat al-Muqawamah al-?Islamiyyah, which can be translated to 'Islamic Resistance Movement'. It is a Sunni Palestinian Political party that has been labeled as a terrorist group by several nations including The European Union, United States, Japan, Canada and its direct opponent, Israel ...
Hawaiian Kapu System
Hawaiian Kapu System Hawaiian Kapu System Introduction The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of the author's knowledge by exploring some relevant facts related to Hawaiian Kapu System. The early history of Polynesian settlement is unclear and continues to be debated by anthropologists. It appears that an initial wave ...
"african Americans: Separate But Equal?"
"African Americans: Separate but Equal?" "African Americans: Separate but Equal?" The "separate but equal" policy means the segregation that has been legally sanctioned as a result of the Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson in the year 1896. Since then, the landscape of the United States has been changed very much and ...
Benjamin Franklin And Discover Of Electricity
Benjamin Franklin and Discover of Electricity Benjamin Franklin and Discover of Electricity Introduction Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, in Boston, Massachusetts. Franklin's formal schooling ended early, but he continued his education on his own by reading every book he could get his hands on (Sparks, 1856). He taught himself simple ...
Constitution And Amendments
Constitution and Amendments Constitution and Amendments Amendment Amendments are made in a constitution to further improve the constitution in order to protect the rights of people from various groups and sects. It helps the society solve various social issues, that in other case become very problematic. Amendments make the right ...
The Arrival Of The English & Early Settler Communities
The Arrival of the English & Early Settler Communities The Arrival of the English & Early Settler Communities Introduction When talking about history of North American we must always remember that it was a timeframe which included history of England and France. People fighting in North American either for England or ...
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