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Assignment on History

History students are often required to make assignments. At times a history assignment can be a little tricky and may require extensive research, which gets quite challenging for the students. To help students in this regard, this section of Researchomatic provides its users to with the greatest quality of research material which is especially customized for writing history assignment.

The Contribution Of The African Slaves Into The Making Of America
The Contribution of the African Slaves into the Making of America The Contribution of the African Slaves into the Making of America Introduction The paper attempts to focus on the contribution of African slaves in the making of the United States of America. It presents a brief history of the Slave ...
Socrates Introduction Socrates was one of the greatest philosophers of the Ancient Greece. Indeed, he is also credited as the founders of the field of philosophy. Socrates was born in 470 B.C. He grew up during the Golden Age of Athens. This was a time period when Greece was very powerful. ...
Martin Luther Through Benjamin Franklin
Martin Luther through Benjamin Franklin Martin Luther through Benjamin Franklin Answer 1 Luther King organized and led marches for voting rights for African Americans, desegregation, the right to work and other basic human rights and, on occasion, was arrested. In 1957, Luther helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a peace group which ...
African American History
RUNNING HEAD:African American History How have African-Americans worked to end segregation, discrimination, and isolation to attain equality and civil rights? African American history Introduction After the nineteenth century, it became clear that social tensions were characteristic of the societies abound, with the terms being of rich versus poor, same as it had been ...
colonial Governments Of The Thirteen Colonies
Colonial Governments of the Thirteen Colonies Colonial Governments of the Thirteen Colonies Introduction For the research analysis of the topic “Colonial Governments of the Thirteenth Colonies”, the main five primary sources have been analyzed to obtain information about the questions mentioned below. The analysis paper consists of the research analysis of colonial government ...
Historical Landmarks Up 1945
HISTORICAL LANDMARKS UP 1945 Historical Landmarks Up 1945 and the Development of Welfare State Historical Landmarks Up 1945 and the Development of Welfare State Introduction This report discusses the concept of social policy and its implications on the society. It describes the debate that has existed ever since the emergence of social ...
Motive Behind Colonization In North America
Motive behind Colonization in North America Introduction Starting in the 15th century, at the beginning of what is referred to as the European age of exploration, a number of European nations developed oceangoing ships and began seeking new trade routes to the East. There resulted from their wide-ranging maritime voyages a new ...
Canada From Conquest To Present
Canada from Conquest to Present Canada from Conquest to Present Question #1: Answer: In early nineteenth century, railways between the countries played an important role, it was highly recognized in the moving of workforce from one place to another and it also facilitates in trading commercial activities among the countries. In 1878, Macdonald gave ...
Group Involvement
Group Involvement Group Involvement Nearly every historical figure associated with a social revolution was aided significantly by groups of people having similar interests and goals. These groups worked tirelessly to address the same social issues. However, many theories suggest that social change can be achieved much more quickly with the collective strength ...
German History
German History What was the Wilhelmine Era? How can its society and culture be characterized? The Wilhelmine era covers the period from 1890 to 1918, the years the rule of William II and the First World War. The era is characterized for emphasized power, and by Wilhelm II's penchant for ...
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