Importance Of Information Management - Analysis Of Apple Inc. Company

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Importance Of Information Management - Analysis of Apple Inc. Company

Importance Of Information Management - Analysis of Apple Inc. Company


The management has great importance in any field, in any organization and in any way of life. In today's fast pace of competition, the importance of management has increased. The way the company manages the business practices has significant impact upon the adequate performance and success of the company. Particularly, the importance of management of information has increased in today's business world. The companies that manage the information systems in better and enhanced manner get many competitive advantages among the competitors. Such companies can develop better product and services and can satisfy their customers according to the needs and requirements of the customers (Nwosu, 2004).

Information systems matter in a great manner to the companies. It affects the business processes of the companies because the important management and business decisions are taken on the basis of the information that is provided to the managerial authorities. The biggest companies that are operating around the world are getting higher level of growths and success and the enhanced, effective and efficient management of information system are one of the factors that contributing to the overall success of the companies. The following section aims at discussing the importance of information management in the company and the positive impact that the management of information has on the success of the company. The company that is selected for the analysis of information management is the famous digital products manufacturing company “Apple Inc.”. Apple Inc. is one of the few largest companies that is producing the information technologies in distinctive manner that are satisfying the needs and requirements of the people. This well known company produces and sells the computer items, computer software and the cellular technologies. The following section involves the information management systems analysis of Apple Inc (Nwosu, 2004).


The management of information systems has given the competitive advantage to Apple Inc., among its competitors. According to Nwosu, I. (2004), the effective management of the information systems allows the companies to build better relations with their customers as well as with that of various stakeholders. The better relationships with customers and stakeholders increase the growth and profitability of the company. O'Brien, J.A. (1996), has found that if the companies manage their information in accurate way, then they can take effective strategic decisions that can have positive impact upon the ...
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