Information Systems & Risk Management

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Information Systems & Risk Management

Information Systems & Risk Management


The term Information System Security tends to be interpreted in terms of the information it contains and the overall security of the system. Thus, it involuntarily translates into the fact that the security of any information system tends to be linked to the structure and strength of its IT department. Information System security tends to apply itself to the act of protecting the information stored in the system and the system itself from any unidentified access to the information or to the system. However, the threat to the Information system extends beyond to the unidentified access and use.

It stretches itself wide enough to inculcate the factors such as destroying the system, inspecting the system without any official consent or modifying the structure of the information to suit the need of any individual (Workman, Bommer & Straub, 2009). However, the nature of the threats would be discussed in greater depth in the course of this paper. The subject of the Information system tends to be directly linked to the security of the system which encompasses the security of the software. Although, the security of the system may become complex due to the possible threats and vulnerabilities system tends to present itself to.


Today we tend to exist in the world where many organizations and institutions have increased their dependence on the computer systems. Primarily because it allows the work to de done rather quickly and in much more efficient manner. Where technology has, enabled us to work rather smoothly, on the other hand, it also has some draw backs attached to it. It has exposed the information to various sources that possess the ability to get through the security checks. Institutions like Military, financial institutions. Private and government offices and various other sectors tend to possess a comprehensive amount of classified information. About different areas ranging from their employees to the products and services they tend to offer (Baker, 2011).

Since the world stands to be transformed into a global village, all this information tends to be stored on the computer system and tends to be transferred from one place to the other through the involvement of this system. This has given birth to many threats through which the information can get into the hands of those people who may use it for their direct benefit. The nature of the threats can be external as well as intramural along with various events, which may or, may not be the control of the in charge authority.



This is the factor which is responsible for the overall security of the information system but this also acts as a necessity for the information system. Continuous connectivity enhances the risk on the part of any information system along with the network through which it tends to be connected. However, if the information systems are allowed to be disconnected from the network in order to ensure security that would act as a hurdle in the performance and growth of that organization. Thus, it becomes difficult for an information ...
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