Jesus And The Conflicts

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Jesus and the Conflicts

Jesus and the Conflicts

Jesus' View of the Law and How That Clashed With the Pharisees

In reference to Gospel of John, there are seven “I AM” statements, signifying the being of Christ as the redeemer from the darkness created by evil. The Lord Jesus is considered as the Preacher, the Messiah, and the Savior of our souls. He is the one to the lighted pathway of God. The “Son”, as one calls Him, is not only because that it is an obligation but, He illuminated the path of righteousness and helped the masses to differentiate between the good and evil of this world.

Background Events in Jesus' Ministry

The background of Christ's speech refers to the discussion that took place between the Lord Jesus and the Pharisees, in the temple area after the feast of Tabernacles. The temple area was divided into many sections. The outer area was the Court of Gentiles, and then came the Court of the Women. Next came the Court of Israel, entry permitted only for Jews, and then the Court of Priests, where alter of burning was located and only the priests were allowed in that area.

From Jewish sources, it concur that in this area, the candles and lamps burned, to symbolize the pillar of fire that Jesus used in the wilderness, to lead and protect His people. It is in particular reference to the burning lamps, that Jesus addressed the Pharisees and to the congregation that came to hear His teachings. A similar statement is also found in John, His reference to Himself as the light of the world refers to several things. Firstly, the world is in a state of darkness. By darkness it is meant that the world is under the influence of sin and evil. The ignorance of the people towards God and the Devine pathway indicates their indulgence in sinful acts. Thus, by describing himself as the Light of the World, Jesus relates to the world being in darkness. As the Light of the World, Jesus tries to narrate that the level of righteousness is not achieved by the common masses in the eyes of God. This was one of the basic ideas of John, when he refers Jesus as the Light. As the savior of the world, Jesus is the only one to follow. He leads the people to the righteous path of God and thus is considered as the Light of the World.

Relation of Jesus' Statement to God As Revealed In the Old Testament

Jesus' whole being is divine. This is proved when He refers to Himself as the Light of the World. Only a person referred by God Himself can be considered as divine. The prediction in the Old Testament, that Christ is the messiah, and is the light of the world, and is thus, the Son of God. The question arises, why Christ used the word “light”? Considering the statement of Leon Morris, light represents the goodness and honesty and is opposite to darkness, ...
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