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Essay on Criminal Law

Writing an essay on a criminal law topic is quite technical. Criminal law requires a thorough and deep analysis of the laws relating to crime. In order to do so, the students might be required to review various past research papers in order to do secondary research. This section of Researchomatic, therefore, aims to provide these students with the most updated criminal law essays.

Criminal Justice System
CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM Criminal Justice System of England and Wales Criminal Justice System of England and Wales Introduction For the past several years, a tremendous change is observed in people's attitudes against crimes. Most of us reside in gated communities. The populations of prison are increasing day by day. Issues such as zero tolerance ...
PROBATION History of Probation History of Probation Introduction Among the alternatives to detention provided for and regulated in Chapter VI of Title I of the law 354/75, it assumes a prominent position on probation with the social service called the "flagship" penitentiary order. Probation is given a central role in the atonement of ...
Prisoners In Scotland
PRISONERS IN SCOTLAND Adult male prisoners in Scotland Adult male prisoners in Scotland Introduction The health of the prisoner is an issue and the role of the nurses is appreciated in promoting the health and well being of the prisoners. According to the Scottish prison service's publication the total adult sentenced prisoners are five ...
Why Is Discretion Important In The Criminal Process?
Why is discretion important in the criminal process? Why is discretion important in the criminal process? Introduction Crime is a disease that is consuming our society and growing exponentially. It is corrupting the mind of people and leading them into actions that disrupt peace and cause harm not only to them but also ...
Computer Forensic
Computer Forensic Computer Forensic Introduction The computer forensics, also called computer forensics, computer forensics, digital forensics or digital forensics examination is the application of scientific techniques and specialized analytical technology infrastructure to identify, preserve, analyze and present data that are valid within a legal process. These techniques include computer rebuild good, considering residual data, ...
Case Law: Planning And Threat Assessment
Case Law: Planning and Threat Assessment Case Law: Planning and Threat Assessment The death penalty or capital punishment is a penalty under the law of executing a person who was recognized guilty of misconduct described as a “capital crime ". The sentence is pronounced by the judicial institution at the end ...
Narcotic Drugs
NARCOTIC DRUGS Narcotic Drugs Narcotic Drugs Intorduction Narcotic drug is a drug substance which, by definition, causes sleep or stupor , and in most cases, inhibits the transmission of nerve signals associated with pain . The group comprises of a variety of narcotic drug effects psychoactive , although not used therapeutically to promote ...
Organic Vs. Inorganic
Organic vs. Inorganic Organic vs. Inorganic Organic vs. Inorganic Evidences Organic and inorganic evidences are found at the crime scene which help in the investigation processes. Organic evidences are the ones that are found in humans or animals and includes fluid, blood marks, wounds, bites etc. whereas, the inorganic evidences are the ones ...
Dna In Criminal Investigations
DNA IN CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS DNA in Criminal Investigations Introduction Polymorphism (RFLP), Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Short tandem repeat (STR), Mitochondrial DNA analysis (mtDNA), Y-Chromosome Analysis. Criminal DNA testing is very useful and credible to the investigating officers, attorneys, police etc as it relays valuable information. Over the years, Criminal DNA testing ...
Maltese Income Tax
MALTESE INCOME TAX Maltese Income Tax Act Maltese Income Tax Act Introduction According to different sources, there is a fine difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. Nonetheless, tax avoidance is considerable phenomenon; however, tax evasion is considered as a criminal activity. Evasion from tax is unethical as well as unlawful as it deteriorates ...
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