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Assignment on American Literature

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Week 15
WEEK 15 Week 15 Week 15 This part of the story covers the arranged marriage part; this part explains how a typical Indian lady comes to live in the U.S with all her traditions. Although the marriage was arranged and there was no love no connection between the couple before marriage, ...
Week 12
Week 12 Week 12 Part I: a) Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? ('Where are you going, where have you been?') Is a story by Joyce Carol Oates, included in numerous anthologies. Oates was inspired by three murders committed by Charles Schmid in Tucson, Arizona, which was narrated by Don Moser ...
Great Gatsby
Great Gatsby Gatsby represents the world of the ostentatious newly rich; however, he remains a romantic idealist. Right from the beginning, the reader learns of Gatsby's “extraordinary gift for hope and a romantic readiness” that Nick has never before witnessed in another human being. He is a paradox: the innocent bootlegger. ...
Hazel Tells Laverne
Hazel tells LaVerne In this poem, the girl Hazel recollects the memory of a night when she was cleaning a bathroom and met a strange frog in there. This poem refers to the renowned fairy tale by Brother Grimm, The Princess and the Frog. In this fairy tale, a princess after ...
A Noiseless Patient Spider
A NOISELESS PATIENT SPIDER A Noiseless Patient Spider A Noiseless Patient Spider Introduction When it comes to really excellent and real pioneer of poets of United States, Walt Whitman is right at the top of the heap. He's affected all types of other authors and thinkers, partially because he's exciting, but also because ...
Movie Review - Clueless
MOVIE REVIEW - CLUELESS Movie Review - Clueless Movie Review - Clueless Introduction Clueless is a film of 1995, based on the novel Emma, of Jane Austen. It was written and directed by Amy Heckerling and produced by Scott Rudin and shot in a few weeks in early 1995 (Silverstone, et al., 1995). ...
Theme And Narrative Elements In The Short Story
Theme and Narrative Elements in the Short Story Theme and Narrative Elements in the Short Story “How I Met My Husband” is a story that is written by Alice Munroe, who in this story details the story of the first love of Edie, who is now an adult. This story starts when ...
The Road
The Road Brief Overview Of The Novel The road is a novel that is written by Cormac McCarthy. It is a novel that has also been made into a movie. The name of the film was the same as the novel and was directed by John Hillcoat. It deals with the journey ...
Howell, Realism And Literature
Howell, Realism and Literature Introduction The term "realism" in American literature, includes an era from the Civil War to the end of the century in which Rebecca Harding Davis, Mark Twain, Henry James and William Dean Howells wrote fiction dedicated to precise depiction and a study of American livings in a ...
Mice And Men Criticism
MICE AND MEN CRITICISM Mice and men criticism Mice and men criticism Introduction “Of Mice and Men” is one of the best known works of John Steinbeck, along with The Grapes of Wrath or The Pearl. It is also one of the best, in my opinion. Simple plot and structure of drama, ...
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