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Assignment on American Literature

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Of Mice And Men
OF MICE AND MEN Historical Criticism: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck [Name of the Institute] Historical Criticism: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck In the 1930s, Of Mice and Men, the famous novel by John Steinbeck very simply describes the basic temptations, hopes and basic impulses of humans, when their paths ...
The Gilded Age
The Gilded Age The Gilded Age Introduction The subject of novel based on the greediness of becoming rich by making use of the land conjecture that permeates in the world. The subject revolves about a family who is constantly in the effort to expand wealth by acquiring the correct time for the ...
LITERATURE Literary Artifacts Literary Artifacts Artifact one The book that I have chosen is “A wrinkle in time”. The author has made the book very interesting in many ways. Firstly it is the title of the book which is a hook that grabbed my attention. The character which is said to ...
Edgar Allen Poe “the Purloined Letter”
Edgar Allen Poe “The Purloined Letter” In this, the detective Auguste Dupin is informed by G, the Prefect of Police of Paris , a letter of the utmost importance was stolen in the boudoir royal. The precise time of the theft and the thief is known to the police, but it ...
Reading Poetry
READING POETRY Reading Poetry: Woman's Work by Julia Alvarez Reading Poetry: Woman's Work by Julia Alvarez What is this poem about? The focus of theme of the poem is about Woman's work or housekeeping. The traditional and gender specific roles assigned to woman is criticized in the poem by the Julia Alvarez ...
The Analysis Of Raven
The Analysis of Raven Introduction The Raven is the most famous poetic composition by Edgar Allan Poe. It was written in the year 1845. The poet describes the anguish it caused to him because of the death of his beloved, which he called “Lenore”. That anguish embodies a black crow (raven), ...
Edgar Allen Poe “the Fall Of The House Of Usher”
Edgar Allen Poe “The Fall of the House of Usher” The story we took into account for discussion is 'The fall of The House of Usher' put forth by Sir Edgar Allan Poe. Poe has clearly and vividly discussed the perfect piece of the quintessential Gothic tale, dreary landscapes, mysterious foundations, ...
Strongest Boy
STRONGEST BOY “Strongest boy in the world by Reilly” “Strongest boy in the world by Reilly” Introduction Each of Reilly's five fascinating tales about genetic disorders raises ethical questions that loom in our future. Many children born deaf have two copies of a gene mutation, and it is now possible to identify couples ...
The Cherry Orchard
THE CHERRY ORCHARD The Cherry Orchard The Cherry Orchard Introduction The Cherry Orchard by contrast commences with an arrival—the return to her heavily mortgaged Russian estate of the widow Lyubov Andreevna Ranevskaya from Paris where she had gone to forget the drowning death of her son five years before. Like Three Sisters, ...
FENCES Fences by August Wilson: Cory, Lyons and Tory [Name of the Institute] Fences by August Wilson: Cory, Lyons and Tory Troy Maxson, the last name Maxson, is the combination of Mason and Dixon, after the Mason Dixon line, this is the name for the imaginary line that alienated the salves states from the ...
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