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Literature Assignment

Literature Assignment

Question No. 1

In Oedipus the King, two themes are highlighted; one of which is that of their lives, humans have a very less control since fate always arrives at with them. However, what I believe that Oedipus is focused solely on the fate of one individual, whereas fate of other persons are also connected to him; like murdering of his father and marriage of his mother with him. Though the life of Oedipus is seemed to determine by fate, but, in actual, the act of other people are seemed to be dependent on his fate.

A trilogy is condensed by his Oedipus into one play, abbreviates the act to a single day, and on the character and fate of one individual, all drama is riveted: the center of stage is commanded by Oedipus. Before he was not yet born, fate of Oedipus was determined, which is actually the basis of whole story. At a crossroads his father is killed by him near a shrine of the Furies in Boeotia. The murder is committed by him at a place where three roads adjoin on his fate-resisting flight ahead of Corinth, Delphi. The state of affair of Oedipus's life is what that was prophesied before.

Question No. 2

I will respond to this question by saying, “Oedipus should still have known better and not married!” but he did because his fate drives his act and not his own decisions and choices. He, in fact, condemns himself for his action of marriage considering him as worst of the man, but in reality, he cannot be said liable for his deeds.

I believe that Oedipus Rex is a highly appreciative yet miserable character. He lives his whole life, tries to give dodges to his pre- prophesied fate. From his supposed parents, he lives his life away so as to trick the devious and horrible fate that expected him.

His sense of dignity is also lost upon discovering that he not only murders his own father but also commit incest and marrying his mother. Fate intervenes from his birth to the closing stages of the play, when as a baby, he gets saved from Lauis' wrath to the murder of his father and ultimately, correctly answering of riddle of Sphinx and marries to her mother Jacosta. Marrying with her own mother is not her fault as it is what destined before therefore he cannot be condemned ...
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