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Research Papers on Literature

There comes a point while working on a literature research paper where students find it difficult, confusing, or contradictory. Researchomatic can help students to clarify the problems and also provide solutions to the problem such as selecting a good topic for the literature research paper or learning how to focus on the topic. It becomes easy for students to find relevant and meaningful content for the research paper.

Racial Issues From Fences
Racial Issues from Fences Introduction “Fences” is the most renowned book written by August Wilson in 1983 (Wilson, 1983). The theme of the book revolves around the racial bias practiced against Black Americans in the American society during 1950's. The story has been performed as play in various theaters. Academicians and Critics ...
Army Logistics
Army logistics Army logistics Introduction Military Logistics in Warfare In the explanation of “Military Logistics in Warfare”, the logistical system led by Major General William S. Rosecrans in 1863, is best example. This logistics system aided the Union armies in battles. The Army of the Cumberland was more focused in that system. The ...
Daniel’s Prophecy
Daniel's Prophecy Introduction3 Discussion4 Daniel's Prophecy of Seventy Weeks5 The Prophecy "Seventy Weeks," what does it mean?7 The 70th week7 70 Weeks of Daniel Prophecy Verse by Verse Interpretation8 Conclusion10 Work Cited11 Daniel's 70 Days Prophecy Introduction Human being need wisdom and the Bible becomes a source of wisdom for them. Though, we can argue about the accuracy of certain passages ...
The Tang Poetry
The Tang Poetry The Tang poetry Introduction The Tang Dynasty was a distinctive period in the history of China. The culture was stable and prosperous and had achieved huge accomplishment in the art, culture, and writing. Writing poetry was the most significant activity to civil and cultural imperial assessment. "A Complete Collection of ...
Twentieth Century Late And Post Modernism
Twentieth Century Late and Post Modernism Twentieth Century Late and Post Modernism Introduction There are two schools of thoughts i.e. modernism and postmodernism that presided over the 20th century (Delsol, 2006). The theories developed in this age became helpful for the designers on understanding its point of view. Both the theories of modernism ...
Women In Combat
Women in Combat Introduction3 Discussion4 Historical Review of US Women in Combat4 Department of Defense (DOD) Policy5 Union and Confederacy Spies6 World War I6 World War II7 Desert Storm7 Iraqi Freedom Operation8 Laws and Legislations for Women in Combat9 The 1948 Women's Armed Services Integration Act9 The Amendment in 19789 1981 Army Policy Review Group10 Ground Combat Exclusionary Policy10 RAND Corp Study11 Gender-Neutral Standards11 Conclusions12 References13 Women in Combat Introduction Throughout ...
2012 Major Events
2012 Major Events Major Events of United Kingdom 2012 Abstract This paper has given a retrospective insight into 2012 and has discussed descriptively all the major events that took place throughout the year in United Kingdom. United Kingdom' 2012 could be regarded as a year of celebrations and festivities. Some of the world's ...
Ink & Pen
Ink & Pen Pen & Ink Introduction Homo-sapiens have been unique in absolute natural ways. Since the beginning of mankind, the human civilization has a natural infliction towards the aesthetic elements. There is no limitation of the natural inclination. It goes beyond the sense of bounded imagination. Art has held a unique place ...
Internet Censorship In China
Internet Censorship in China Internet Censorship in China Introduction In this modern world, the technology plays a big role in our daily lives. Like the Internet, it is a fascinating technology that offers people to discover many new resources instantly on their computers and electronic gadgets (Tracey, 2011). The Internet improves the ...
Rhetoric Analysis
Rhetoric Analysis [Name of the institute]Rhetoric Analysis - Hamlet by Shakespeare Introduction The reading that has been selected for this rhetoric analysis is Hamlet by Shakespeare. In reading Shakespeare's Hamlet, the reader is exposed to several different sides of the personality of the protagonist. There is a poetic, intellectual side to Hamlet, as ...
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