Love Kids? Then Teaching Is Not for You

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Love Kids? Then Teaching is not or you

Love Kids? Then Teaching is not or you


First profession evokes holidays, little actual work hours, and a comfortable salary. Anyone think this is an easy job as it is intended “only” children who are therefore subject to the adult and that is a loose profession in the sense that the teacher is the only master on board in its class.

All this of course seems ideal and dream job. But as this article the life and art of teaching shows not just about trivialities such as “Enjoy working with children love long holiday, love the quiet life”. But what about the teaching profession to someone who wants to venture there? We will develop the points that seem essential to the understanding of this business.

It is important to note that if the teacher is entitled to vacation as it is because he needs this job out. If teachers did not have the free time, they would be pushed to “burn out”. Because this business is not just time hours worked in the classroom, there is a lot of work outside. So contrary to what one might think, the salary awarded to teachers is well deserved!

Do not believe that working with children is an easy task to accomplish. All students are not kids' models, perfect. The school welcomes all children as they are including non-francophone and those who do not want to learn. Then it is important to say that, in this business, children are not the only stakeholders. Do not forget parents, colleagues including psychologists.

In addition, a school teacher is not as free as it is claimed that he is not alone with these students. He works as a team, interaction with colleagues and without forgetting its inspector. It must also deal with his self-assessment when assessing his students and he realizes what has not been acquired by them.


This job is not only to impart knowledge, there are many other elements involved such as affect, relationships with others, etc.., Many difficult things to manage. Do not believe all the prejudices of the profession that is to say “good salary, long vacation and diet schedules”. The teaching profession is not limited to the transmission of knowledge during school hours. Admittedly, this is a part of the work, but there are plenty of others.

First, the teacher's role is not only to ...
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