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Mat Book Review “Now that's A Good Question by Terry Powell”

“Now that's A Good Question by Terry Powell”


The book “Now That's a Good Question” is written by Terry Powell, it is no doubt a great and worth reading book and for the readers who in any type of minute gathering ministry, without considering the fact that a person is little groups pastor, a leader of a small group, coach or apprentice, but it would be significantly advantageous for a leader of a small group. This is a very short book with pages not more than 100, it basically consists of seven chapters which are especially designed for the facilitation of a leader or someone who leads or wishes to and also help the life changing of small groups.

The book starts with the first chapter and talks about the ways through which a good climate can encourage discussions within small groups. The writer has used an acronym the word “Climate” in order to describe the importance of tiny things which a leader of a small group is required to emphasize on. The initial word which an author has focused on is Caring. People belonging to any group wished that are cared by their leaders and in return they also show their care towards their leader. The second point which has been highlighted by the author is the significance of being encouraged and fun. A good leader of a small group is supposed to intervene and pray for the people of his group. The fourth word which has been focused on is methodology. According to Terry Powell, when a leader keep on changing the way he teach his group members, he become more influencing and his leadership becomes more effective. The fifth word which is more focused upon is assimilation. If some visitors come to see any member of a small group, it is of significant importance that the leader of a small group facilitate those visitors and make them feel comfortable and give them warm welcome. Transparency is the sixth word- which focuses on the transparency of the leader's behavior. It has been described that I a leader of a small group wants his people to behave in a way he want them to behave than he should present himself as a model of the desired behavior by communicating them the way he has struggled and by doing open discussions with them. In last the word which has been emphasized in environment. A leader of a small group is required to make the environment of the meeting place hospitable and warm for the people of small group.

Following the main theme of the first chapter, the next two chapters of the book gives an overview of practical instructions and guidelines to a leader of a small group. Within the same chapter, the importance and value of bringing all the word together like a small group has also been discussed. Terry Powell has also shared a way of looking at ...
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