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Assignment on Nursing

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Case Study
CASE STUDY Case Study Case Study Introduction With the advances in various fields of study and the developments in various forms and methods of studies, a number of treatments and forms of overcoming issues have been developed, in order to ensure that the patients are provided with utmost care and best methods of treatment. ...
Online Learning Strategy
Online Learning Strategy [Date of Submission] Online Learning Strategy Introduction For the development of an effective Online Learning Strategy there are four areas that need to be addressed very clearly. They are Planning, Time management, Communication and Technology use. Discussion Planning There is no work, task or job in the world which can be accomplished without ...
Betty Neuman Systems Model
Betty Neuman Systems Model Betty Neuman Nursing Model and Theory According to the model, the nursing intervention acts through prevention, and aims to reduce the factors that create stress and adverse conditions that affect or could affect the optimal functioning of a client in a given situation. Nursing intervention is carried ...
Nursing Problem
Nursing Problem Nursing Problem Name of Community Kendall is an uptown area of metropolitan Miami, Florida, United States. As of the 2000 survey, the neighborhood had a total populace of 75,226.Whilst the definite borders of the society have been marked Kendall by the United States Survey Agency. In accord to the ...
Nursing Nursing Introduction Nursing is a line of work which can be defined as the fortification, encouragement, and optimization of healthcare and capabilities, avoidance of ill health and damage, mitigation of pain all the way through the analysis and handling of individual reaction, and support in the concern of inmates, family units, ...
Philosophy Of Nursing
Philosophy of Nursing Philosophy of Nursing Introduction Nursing is a process of caring for the healthy, sick, elderly, young, families or individuals, in any and all environments, helping them deal with their illness and resulting stress/distress. The purpose of nursing is not to treat any specific aspect of a person or his/her pathological ...
Study Analysis
Study Analysis Study Analysis Article-1: Original Research: Probation and Recidivism: Remediation Among Disciplined Nurses in Six States. This article reflects the exploratory approach and focuses on probation and recidivism with an in-depth emphasis on redemption with regard to nurses who were taken into account for disciplinary action. The role of State Board of ...
Learning Style
LEARNING STYLE Theorist Learning Style Theorist Learning Style Introduction The mankind has been modernized due to acquiring knowledge of different fields such as technology, construction, and nursing etc. The field of nursing is not just important for the individuals who are pursuing it but it is important for the society due to its ...
Theory Of Unpleasant Symptoms
Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms Introduction The Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms (TOUS) is considered a middle-range theory. According to Lenz (1997), middle-range theories are concrete enough to link research and practice. The TOUS originated based on the development of two concepts, one regarding dyspnea and the other regarding fatigue. ...
Nursing Plan
NURSING PLAN Nursing Plan Nursing Care Plan STUDENT Patrice Gutt CLIENT'S INITALS J.D. DIAGNOSIS Impaired Cardiac Output Nursing Diagnosis: PRIIORITY PROBLEM 1 Impaired Cardiac Output PRIORITY PROBLEM 2 Risk for infection PRIORITY PROBLEM 3 Ineffective breathing PRIORITY PROBLEM #1 Behavioral Outcomes (formulate to be accomplished on date of care) [1] No Auscultations should be there in Patient's lungs [2] No signs of ...
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