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Research Papers on Medical School

Medical school research paper involves comprehensive analysis of a disease or injury and its treatment through surgery or medication. A medical school research paper contains several complex terms which students are not aware of. Researchomatic provides a wide range of academic research papers on various topics and formats to write a professional research paper.

Patho-physiology of Retinopathy in Diabetes
COMPARISION OF TWO ARTICLES Comparison of Two Articles Contents Introduction2 Discussion3 Literature Review3 Systematic Approach towards Paper Selection4 Overview of the Selected Articles5 First Research5 Second Research5 Critical Summary6 First Research6 Second Research6 Background of Previous Testing and Nature of Disease Progression7 Patho-physiology of Retinopathy in Diabetes7 Appraisal of Methodology8 First Research8 Second Research8 Research Credibility9 Synthesis on Finding10 Reflection on My Practice12 Conclusion13 References14 Comparison of Two Articles Introduction According to ever- advancing ...
Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Practitioner Nurse Practitioner knowledge management, prevention & treatment of CVD and Hypertension in the community Nurse Practitioner knowledge management, prevention & treatment of CVD and Hypertension in the community Background Nurses practitioners have wide range of responsibilities concerning the type of disease and load of work. Nurses always involve in ...
Reflection Reflection Introduction During my childhood and teenage years, there was nothing more I wanted than to be either a pilot or a firefighter. However, according to my academic reports and my school counselor, I had the 'aptitude' to go into medicine which bowing down to pressure I finally did. My family was ...
Practicum In Leadership And Population-Focused Nursing
Practicum in Leadership and Population-Focused Nursing Practicum in Leadership and Population-Focused Nursing Answer 1a Leadership is the process of influencing and supporting others to work with them enthusiasm in achieving certain objectives. The lead is thus a factor important that helps an individual or a group of individuals to identify the targets ...
STRESS OCCUPATIONAL STRESS AMONG NURSES Abstract Background: Occupational stress has now become a very common issue in the health care organizations. Numerous research based articles have clarified that occupational stress affects the performance and working within clinical settings. There is a lack of authenticated data regarding the occupational stress among the nursing professionals ...
Venous Thromboembolism
Venous Thromboembolism Venous Thromboembolism Introduction Deep vein thrombosis is a common disease that can develop subclinical or debut as an acute edema, congestion and limb pain, sometimes disabling. In addition to local problems, the main risk is pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal. Deep vein thrombosis leaves local consequences in the long term ...
Requirements To Become A Mental Health Counselor And Treatment Options
Requirements to Become a Mental Health Counselor and Treatment Options Abstract This study epitomizes the requirements that are indispensable for becoming a “Mental Health Counselor”. It also illustrates the treatment options that a mental health counselor can avail for treating the mentally ill patients. This study epitomizes the requirements that are indispensable ...
Framingham Assessment Tool
Framingham Assessment Tool Framingham Assessment Tool Introduction Framingham assessment tool is considered as a very common approach that is used for the assessment of cardiovascular risk in an individual. There are a number of studies that have focused on the importance of Framingham assessment tool in the clinical settings (Barrett, et al, 2012). ...
Pressure Ulcers
Pressure Ulcers [Name of the institute]Research Paper Pressure Ulcers According to Ayello & Braden (2002), high pressure on a particular part of the body leads to lymphatic circulation which gets impaired and in the compressed tissues hypo perfusion develops, which results in a blood flow which is compromised and toxic intracellular material accumulates ...
Group Productivity – Hired Consultant
Group Productivity - Hired Consultant Group Productivity - Hired Consultant Introduction Alameda Hospital is a general medical and surgical hospital with 226 beds located in the city of Alameda, California in US. As a health care institution, the hospital needs to transform to a new model. This new model should be able ...
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