Mobile Business Intelligence

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Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile Business Intelligence


With the advent of mobile devices was a fundamental change in communications, generally no longer called a place closer to but calls a person. If we add Internet, These changes result in a profound impact on the companies as regards the way in which manages the information. The merger between Business Intelligence and Mobility can distribute data relevant to any time and place, so that professionals are very comfortable using wireless integrated legends, not only for communication but also as a means to keep up with status information of the business

Mobile Telephony

The mobile telephony universe has two originally distinct but increasingly overlapping categories of devices: cell phones and PDAs. Smart-phones are devices that have features of both categories.

E-commerce, Mobile Computing and Future Trends

Mobile computing has presented another dimension to the field of e-commerce. This technology not only represents an opportunity to advance in science or computer but to implement new business opportunities:

Financial Applications

Inventory Management

Field Service Managers

Product Location

Special Characteristics of Mobile Computing include Mobility, Ubiquity, Comfort, Instant connectivity, Customizing and Ubiquitous computing (Danneels, 2008).

Problem and Issue

The mobile business is at growing stage it is achieving its growth with exponential rate. New Smart phones, Android technology, and other tablet phones have captured a big market. Mobile Business intelligence is the main feature that has implemented for the success of these phones. Mobile Business Intelligence is a border concept, analyzing the business, decision making, support system, facts- base programming, profit making, and improving process are covered in the business intelligence. It is one of the most important systems of this century. It has completely changed the business trends and presented the competitive advantage for the companies who have implemented it. There are several opportunities regarding the MBI. It is the most demanding and useful systems for the companies. It provides value to the business and improves the supply chains and other decision processes. After some years, it would be difficult for the management and organizations to work without the Mobile Business Intelligence. It is pre-requisite for the companies to know different trends and patterns in the business industry they fall. Without MBI it would be like running race without knowing the number of participants and finish line. It provides comprehensive understanding of the business trend and help taking critical business decisions. It is the great opportunity in MBI that it increases profit in the business and make the way clear. As billions of mobile phones have been brought to the mainstream of people across all socioeconomic classes and of almost all businesses sectors, they have unavoidably received unwanted attention from attackers, ranging from hobbyists to criminals.

Malware is still the most dominant risks against mobile phones. The first real-world mobile phone malware called Cabir was discovered in 2004 as a proof-of-concept worm which simply uses Bluetooth as its propagation vector. Based on Cabir, Lasco additionally infects all available software package (SIS) files residing on the phone on the assumption that the user might share ...
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