Mobile Computing And Social Networking

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Mobile Computing and Social Networking

Mobile Computing and Social Networking


Healthcare has been transformed in the last few decades by taking a revolutionary and technological stand. With the spread of smart phones, mobile technologies, wifi, social networking, and several other developments, the healthcare has managed to find its way into these gadgets and online healthcare is now reality. Technology has led to various changes taking place in the world of medicine for example; radiology technicians can now make better decisions since they now have access to more detailed images and mobile technology is not advanced to a stage where patients can mail these images to their doctors through their phones in order to get instant feedback. Coupled with social media, mobile technology is making life better for patients and although it will take some time to develop, technology is changing the way patients take care of their health issues (John &Pironti, 2012).

Growth of Mobile Phones and Applications

When it comes to taking care of the health of patients, there are various mobile applications and devices can benefit them. Today, mobile technology is developed to an extent where patients can use this technology instead of visiting the doctor. This not only saves time but also effort and money. There are various things that can be viewed using mobile technology. These include oxygen levels, diabetics, blood pressure, heartbeat rate, etc. a few years ago, patients had to travel to doctors in order to get these diseases checked but the trend has now changed. Since everything was done manually in the past, errors were common. These errors are reduced using computers and mobile technology.

In today's world, technology is one of the main features of treatment as well as diagnosis. Important signs of health are also monitored with the help of mobiles. Some systems have been created ...
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