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Research Papers on Agricultural Studies

Along with the management of forests, animal production and crop agriculture, the humans are managing the ecosystem at both, the global and national level. With this, there are tremendous impacts of the agriculture on the ecosystems. Therefore, Researchomatic offers exceptional sample research papers on Agricultural Studies by hiring the most qualified writers and editors.

Cottage Cheese
COTTAGE CHEESE Cottage Cheese Processing, Facts and Nutritive Value Cottage Cheese Processing, Facts and Nutritive Value Introduction The cottage is a cheese curd product and it has a mild flavor. The curd is not pressed but it is drained therefore, it contains some moisture and a small amount of whey. The curd is ...
Non Gmo Products
Non GMO Products Non GMO Products Introduction GMO's are Genetically Modified Organism's which includes genes from one specie and inserting it into another gene, which forms as transgenic organisms. These genes are extracted from the DNA which is formed in complex networks. This process is called Genetic Engineering (GE). These organisms are genetically altered ...
Article Review
Article Review Introduction This article review made use of an article published by Department for Environment and Rural Affairs that examines the various statistics of the primary horticulture within UK. The article discusses different findings that are highly significant in the context of shaping the reform in the case of horticultural industry. ...
Effect Of Geneotypes
EFFECT OF GENEOTYPES Effect of Genotypes on Phenolic compounds Effect of Genotypes on Phenolic compounds Introduction The effect of Genotypes on Phenolic Compounds is quite high. Around 8000 years ago, early Peruvian farmers developed four recognized potato species. Today, although the potato grown worldwide belongs to just one biological species, Solanum tuberosum ...
The Process Of The Food And Agricultural Organization (Fao)
The Process of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Introduction Amongst the basic necessities for human beings to live two of the most vital components are water and food. Water is readily available to drink and food is there to provide energy for human body to conduct activities. Food is available in ...
Illinois Amino Sugar N Test
ILLINOIS AMINO SUGAR N TEST Plant science and Illinois amino sugar N test Plant science and Illinois amino sugar N test Introduction The Illinois soil nitrogen test (ISNT) was initially developed as a means to identify fields where corn would not respond to fertilizer nitrogen (N) addition (Khan et al. 2001). The ISNT ...
Young Workers In Agricultural Safety
YOUNG WORKERS IN AGRICULTURAL SAFETY Young Workers in Agricultural Safety Young Workers in Agricultural Safety Introduction Agriculture is one of the most hazardous industries, globally. In EU member countries, agriculture has about 6 injuries per 100 workers per year, and about 12 fatal injuries per 100,000 workers. Over 40% of agricultural workers feel they ...
Air Potato
Air Potato Air Potato Dioscorea bulbifera, which is commonly known as air potato, belongs to the region of tropical Asia and was first introduced to the Americas by Africans. It was introduced to Florida in the year 1905 as an accidental introduction and has been stated as one of the most invasive ...
Bioremediation Table of Contents INTRODUCTION3 BIOREMEDIATION3 PRINCIPLES OF BIOREMEDIATION5 FACTORS OF BIOREMEDIATION6 MICROORGANISMS INVOLVED IN BIOREMEDIATION PROCESSES6 Aerobic7 Anaerobic7 Ligninolytic fungi7 Methylotrophs7 ROLE OF MICROORGANISMS IN BIOREMEDIATION8 ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS9 Nutrients9 Environmental requirements9 APPLICATION OF BIOREMEDIATION10 In situ bioremediation11 Bioventing11 In situ biodegradation11 Biosparging11 Bioremediation12 Ex situ bioremediation12 Land farming12 Composting12 Biopiles12 Bioreactors13 IMPORTANCE14 Advantages of bioremediation14 Disadvantages of bioremediation14 CONCLUSION15 REFERENCES17 Bioremediation Introduction Materialization of interest has always been there in the employment of the bioremediation and the biological systems for the degradation, ...
Abstract Genetically modified foods are foods derived from genetically modified organisms. G.E food has introduced some changes into the DNA of genetically modified organisms through genetic engineering the food items. As usually genetically modified foods and products of genetically modified plants: soybean, corn, canola, cotton seed oil, but animal products have ...
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