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Research Papers on Environmental Issues

Environmental issues are the harmful effects caused by the activities of human on the environment of our planet. Students find it challenging to write research papers on environmental issues. This is where Researchomatic comes in to provide assistance so you can produce well-researched research paper on any topic related to the nature.

Marine Pollution - Its Prevention And Mitigation
Marine Pollution - Its Prevention And Mitigation The sea is indispensable to life on earth and experiencing serious environmental problems today. Originally nature had the power to clean itself of pollutants to a certain degree. However, the amount of the pollutants discharged by human beings has reached a level which nature ...
Gas Flaring In Nigeria
Gas Flaring in Nigeria Abstract This research paper represents the concept about gas flaring in Nigeria context. This paper also discusses the environment impact due to gas flaring in Nigeria and government policies about gas flaring and environment protection. This paper also focuses on the strategic approaches to deal with gas ...
Fluoride In Water
FLUORIDE IN WATER Fluoride in Water Fluoride in Water Introduction Water fluoridation is considered to be the top most problems in the health care industry as per the Center of Disease Control. It has been described as the top most public advancements of the 20th century. Fluoridation of public drinking water for the ...
Hazard Material Management
HAZARD MATERIAL MANAGEMENT Hazard Material Management Hazard Material Management Scenarios Community has got aware of the development that its largest well is contaminated with certain solvents in the context of a dry cleaning business. As a result, they would have to purchase water from other towns till the current water supply can be accommodated ...
Coastal Erosion And Restoration
Coastal Erosion and Restoration Introduction Coastal erosion can be defined as the influence of the sea on the land and must be observed over long enough periods to eliminate the effects of weather, storms and local sediment transport regimes. Coastal erosion occurs when the sea is gaining ground on the earth because ...
Abstract The paper discusses the effects of the nuclear reactor accidents on the human body. The nuclear reactor accidents are the events that generate the radiation harmful to the human health. The effects of these incidents are many which do not only damage the human cells but also have the tendency ...
Green Computing
Green Computing Green Computing Introduction Technology has eased and facilitated a number of specific and daily routine tasks for human beings. However, on the other hand, technology has also been the reason behind a number of environmental issues and problems. Manufacturing, using and disposing numerous equipment and devices has been known to disturb ...
Water Recycling And Reuse
Water Recycling and Reuse Water Recycling and Reuse Introduction Almost all human activity uses water in processes that pollute and mixed with substances that prevent later consumption, making fewer and drinking water resource in the world, alarming situation. Only 2.5% of the planet's water is suitable for drinking, industry and agriculture. Given this ...
Chemical Storage For Industrial Safety
Chemical Storage for Industrial Safety Chemical Storage for Industrial Safety Introduction Chemicals are used in the performance of almost all types of work, thus create certain chemical risks on a large number of jobs in the world. Many thousands of chemicals used in significant quantities, and each year the market appears ...
The Harvard Research Paper
The Harvard Research Paper The Harvard Research Paper [Date of Submission] Critical Review Critical Review3 Introduction4 History5 Discussion9 Future prospects13 Design Study Format16 Structure18 Introduction18 Research plan18 Experimental approach19 Data analysis20 Health and Safety21 Liaison22 Assessment22 CRITICAL REVIEW BIODEGRADATION KINETICS OF BENZENE IN VARIOUS TREATMENT SYSTEMS This review is submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement of MSc Environmental Biotechnology. Date of Submission: (Project Supervisor :) By: Biodegradation Kinetics of Benzene in Various ...
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