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Research Papers on Geology

Geology is usually revolving around what the land is made up of, keeping in context of a natural perspective. What kind of rocks are present in the ground and how those rocks or layers of rocks became part of the land. With the help of Researchomatic’s largest database of research papers on Geology, students can get help to comprehend their ideas in a better and logical manner.

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park Introduction The Rocky Mountain National Park (Rocky Mountain National Park) is located in north-central state of Colorado, the United States. It was founded in 1915. The highest peak of the park is Longs Peak (4345 m). The park has only two paved roads and 575 miles of trails. ...
Geological History Of Illinois
Geological History of Illinois Geological History of Illinois Introduction Chicago is the third populated city in the United State. It is located on the 'north eastern Illinois' on the south western coast of Lake Michigan. It's laid by the thick succession of sedimentary rocks consisting primarily of shale, sandstone, siltstone, limestone, mostly ...
GeoPhysics GeoPhysics Introduction A series of laboratory based experiments were conducted with the aim of evaluating the efficiency of a hyperspectal imaging technique. Applying the HyLogger as an analytical method, researchers aimed to differentiate between PHCs to an extent that the different classes of HC can be distinguished with the help of reflectance ...
Angolan Political Situation
Angolan Political Situation Introduction Angola is rebuilding its country after the end of a 27-year civil war in 2002. Fighting between the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), led by Jose Eduardo DOS SANTOS, and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), led by Jonas SAVIMBI, followed ...
Globalization And Its Effect On Child Obesity
GLOBALIZATION AND ITS EFFECT ON CHILD OBESITY GLOBALIZATION AND ITS EFFECT ON CHILD OBESITY Globalization and Its Effect on Child Obesity Introduction Globalization is the creation and expansion of economic and social connections among people and organizations around the world. The movement of people, goods, ideas, technology, and money fuels the process across ...
Mars (The Red Planet)
MARS (THE RED PLANET) Manned Mission to Mars Manned Mission to Mars Introduction Mars is a monochromatic planet: red-orange dust, red-orange sky, and red-orange rock. In actuality, Mars's sky is a dark blue-purple, but the winds raise enough dust to turn the air as orange as its surface. The fiery red planet Mars ...
VIETNAM Economic Development in Vietnam from the Geographic Approach [Name of Institue] Economic Development in Vietnam from the Geographic Approach Introduction A country is deemed to be blessed if it comprises of numerous natural resources or other factors, which not only add to its beauty but also play a pivotal role in establishing ...
Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth
NEOPROTEROZOIC SNOWBALL EARTH Neoproterozoic Snowball earth Neoproterozoic Snowball earth Introduction The sudden excursions of the carbon isotopic which occurred periodically throughout the geological history can be found in the carbonate rocks of the sea. This provides great deal of evidence regarding the dissolved inorganic carbon in the ocean. The severity of the unusual ...
Re-Crystallization In Geology
RE-CRYSTALLIZATION IN GEOLOGY Re-crystallization in Geology Abstract A geologic fold occurs when a flat surface is bent or contorted. For a rock or sediment to show its folds, it must have a set of parallel surfaces or different layers inside it. A very homogeneous rock mass with no internal variation would not ...
Sea Level Rise Along The East Coast Of The United States
Sea Level Rise along the East Coast of the United States Sea Level Rise along the East Coast of the United States Introduction It is estimated that 1.2 billion people, or approximately 23 % of the world's population, live within 100 m of sea level and 100 km from a coast ...
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