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Research Papers on Geology

Geology is usually revolving around what the land is made up of, keeping in context of a natural perspective. What kind of rocks are present in the ground and how those rocks or layers of rocks became part of the land. With the help of Researchomatic’s largest database of research papers on Geology, students can get help to comprehend their ideas in a better and logical manner.

Earthquake Introduction3 General Overview3 Methods/Tools Of Study4 Discovery5 Unanswered Questions5 Conclusion6 Bibliography7 Earthquake Introduction Natural disaster is an event caused by natural processes of Earth for example Earthquake, tsunami and volcanoes. Its effects include loss of life and property damage of which the magnitude depends on the effected population or time it takes to recover. Number of people affected ...
Eveslogite Abstract Eveslogite is the mineral that is found in the Yukspolark pass in the state of Russia. It is a yellowish brown fragment of crystal that has a specimen size of 10x7 mm. It is named for the type of locality that it is present. It happens as a corss-cutting ...
Rough Draft
Rough Draft Rough Draft Introduction Minerals are substances found in nature, formed by a balanced chemical composition resulting in millions of years of inorganic processes (action of heat, pressure, etc.). All minerals are solid, such as feldspar, mica, quartz. The water, despite mineral source, an ore is not as well as ...
Why Earthquake Prediction Is Difficult?
Why Earthquake Prediction Is Difficult? Introduction3 Discussion3 Predicting Earthquakes4 Prediction Techniques5 Conclusion8 References9 Why Earthquake Prediction Is Difficult? Introduction Science in recent years has made much advancement, but despite all the successes, predicting earthquakes is one of the most difficult tasks for scientists. All the predictions of earthquakes are based on statistics and may not indicate ...
Solar System
Solar System The Formation of Solar System Abstract The study aims at investigating the formation of the solar system. Solar system came under the category of geology. It was identified that earth lies in one part of the universe and the part in which earth lies is called the solar system. Solar ...
Climate Change And Coral Reef Bleaching: An Ecological Assessment Of Long-Term Impacts, Recovery Trends And Future Outlook
Climate Change and Coral Reef Bleaching: An Ecological Assessment of Long-Term Impacts, Recovery Trends and Future Outlook Climate Change and Coral Reef Bleaching: An Ecological Assessment of Long-Term Impacts, Recovery Trends and Future Outlook Introduction This research paper focuses on the changes in climate and coral bleaching. This research work was carried out ...
Brazil Brazil Introduction Brazil is a country recognized with the name of Federative Republic of Brazil, which is the largest kingdom in South America. It is regarded as the 5th largest country in the world both by the population of over 192 million people and by geographical area. On the east, it ...
El Niño - Southern Oscillation writing 101
El Niño - Southern Oscillation Writing 101 Abstract In this paper, the effects of El Nino which is also known as ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) will be discussed. El Niño is a phenomenon which causes irregular periodicity in climatic pattern that occurs across the tropical Pacific Ocean approximately every five years. In ...
Mystery Of Atlantis
Mystery of Atlantis The Mystery of Atlantis was released by Sunsoft for the Family Computer in 1986. In it, players control a boy named Wynn as he explores the mythical land of Atlantis and fights to defeat and ancient evil. The Mystery of Atlantis was developed to take on Super Mario ...
The Tunguska Event
The Tunguska Event Abstract The Tunguska meteorite is considered to be one of the most powerful explosions in the history. It is believed that the explosion occurred due to the air burst of a large meteoroid above the earth's surface. Although, it is estimated that the meteoroid burst in the air, but ...
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