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This paper intends to discuss efforts which New York is making to become more sustainable. There are various different arenas in which efforts are being made to make New York more sustainable; however, for the purpose of discussion within this research paper, only three topics have been selected. The three topics selected are the green infrastructure, transportation system and water and sewage. It remains extremely important for North American cities to try to reduce their environmental impact for the purpose of contributing positively to the growing environmental concerns. I have chosen the city of New York mainly because of the fact that I simply love this city. Moreover, New York is considered to be a global and well developed city which makes the selection of the city more important. The population and geographical setting of New York will also be discussed within the paper. The purpose of this paper is to make the reader aware about the efforts New York is making to handle its green infrastructure, transportation system and water and sewage. Further, the underlying reasons of New York making intense progress or vice versa will also be discussed in the paper. The discussion of course material will also be related to the efforts of New York City. For instance, voluntary, financial incentives, expenditures and regulations of the New York City will be explored which are making efforts to create a more sustainable New York City.


The significance of New York City is not ignorable at core. New York City is assumed to be the most populous city in the United States of America. The underlying reasons of selecting the New York City for the purpose of discussion are that New York City is one of the metropolitan cities of the world and the underlying urban arrangements make it an ideal city to discuss. New York City is a global power city and it constantly emphasize extra ordinarily over commerce, finance, research, education, entertainment, transportation and recently increasing the 'go green' factor. The New York City is also known to be center of international diplomacy and above all the cultural capital of the world because the people living in the city belong to every corner of the world. The various important factors associated with the sustainability of New York City are discussed below;

Sustainable New York

For the purpose of making cities sustainable, there are important decisions to make by the stakeholders of the underlying cities in question. For instance, intelligent traffic solutions, green buildings, smart grid infrastructure, comprehensive water and sewage management remains few of the technologies which help cities become more urbanize and sustainable over the passage of time. Making cities sustainable are associated with a lot of challenges. The challenges witnessed by the sustainable urban development are huge and immense. For instance, in 2010 82% of Americans lived in cities and it is estimated that by the year 2050 it will increase to 90% (Cohen, 2011).

New York City needs to make extra efforts to make ...
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