Personal Development Plan

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Personal Development Plan


Personal development plan is among the most efficient tools for professionals and students who desire to obtain excellence in their fields. It uses the reflection idea for enabling one keep path of the steps they have made in order to get knowledge and skills. Professional development plan permits one to keep path of the changes needed in their lives and points of weakness that requires betterment or improvements (David & Viven, 203, p. 143). The overall procedure of formulating a portfolio facilitates a professional or a university student to illustrate paradigms of his or her skills, experiences, and qualifications. It must be observed as an expansion of a person's curriculum Vitae or resume, rather not a substitute.

The word portfolio is use in different aspects depending on the framework of use. In political or organisational sense, a portfolio illustrates a division of work tasks and responsibilities. From education perspective, a portfolio is an information anthology that communicates the learning illustration that has occurred for an individual in a precise programme or course of studies (UNICEF, special programs corporation). A professional portfolio is an organized anthology of various types of information and evidence that represent a continual professional development, experiences and activities, professional goals and achievements, and competencies of an individual. It is both a duty of detail and a means through which the author or developer of portfolio attains and develops expertise in contemplative examination and communication whether this is by computer-mediated, like e-portfolio or written formats.


2.1 Academic Skills

This is a portfolio of () with resourceful, energetic, and dynamic attributes who is comfy with being the “go to” individual for everything associated with the smooth operations of an organization. I apply a flexible and proactive strategy to manage several priorities, and capable to work independently and take possession of all factors of a project or task. Currently, I am enrolled in the degree of bachelor of sciences, at the University (name of the University). I completed IGSCE English with grade C, O level Mathematics with grade B and Agions Nikolas lyceum with grade 17/20.

2.1.1 Time Management

I try to manage my work efficiently and effectively. At the start, it was difficult for me to complete tasks on time. But gradually I overcome on this problem. I manage all this by prioritization technique (Jackson & Thurgate, 2011). I make a time table, arrange the work according to the time and prioritize that which thing should be done first. This approach also provides me the peace of mind. Time management- a skill that I deeply cherish. Prioritising workload and adapting to diverse situations in the workplace is my forte.

2.1.2 Stress Management

I always tried to take the lead position in the group assignments during my academic era. Leaders are the people who have to manage their stress level as well as the stress level of their team. They expect that workers will maintain pace with workload. Because of these working dynamics, work becomes a time-consuming part of an individual's routine ...
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