Personal Fitness And Wellness For Optimal Living

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Personal Fitness and Wellness for Optimal Living

Personal Fitness and Wellness for Optimal Living

Personal Fitness and Wellness for Optimal Living3



Physical Activity4

The importance of physical activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle4

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Federal Guidelines for Physical Activity in adults, older adults, children, and pregnant/postpartum women6

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Personal Fitness and Wellness for Optimal Living


Originally, the human species intended to keep the movement. Till the mid of 19th century, human history demonstrates our ancestors to have meaningful physical demanding activities as part of their daily lives, being hunters, farmers, scavengers, or tool makers. For several generations, our species flourished until the advent of machine conveniences, like cars, television, and internet, came into existence. Within a few decades, the demand of physical activity, domestic chores, and leisure time, have drastically decreased. So much so, in industrialized and urbanized settings, it is almost non-existent (Sparling, Owen, Lambert, & Haskell, 2000, pp. 367-376).

The sedentary lifestyle is leading to various chronic diseases we face today. The habitual physical activity holds strong association of a biological basis through a central control. In addition, lack of physical activity severely disturbs the normal functions of the body while contributing to chronic energy imbalance. This research paper serves us as a reminder that our bodies are designed to be exercised. For optimal health and overall functioning, we need to incorporate physical activity in our daily lives, on a regular basis (Sparling, Owen, Lambert, & Haskell, 2000, pp. 367-376).


Physical Activity

The importance of physical activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Physical activity is a priority for public health, with impacts on almost every health aspect. In the United States, numerous researches proves lack of physical activity, to be the second leading cause of preventable diseases and death, combined with a poor diet. As a result, it creates a humongous economic burden on the state's health budget. If we talk about the global impact, physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk for mortality, resulting in approximately 3.2 million deaths, around the globe (WHO Physical Activity, 2013). Physical activity is continuously becoming the lesser part of our lives, may be due to the increasing dependence on conveniences, such as cars, computers, television and so forth (Physical Activity, n.d).

In recent times, the public benefits of decreasing sedentary lifestyles and encouraging more physical activity has become quite popular. Numerous researches, clinical trials, and epidemiological reports provide enough evidence supporting physical activity to have extremely beneficial health effects. The new thought of physicians and researchers predicts physical activity to be the number one prescribed medication ...
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