Philosophy Of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy of nursing


The philosophy of nursing is related to our beliefs towards the profession of nursing and nursing activities. Ethical beliefs and values are supported through the profession of nursing.


The perception of the nursing among the students which have progressed from initial entrance into the nursing educational process can be selected on the basis of demographic characteristics such as age, gender, ethnic ground, etc. The determining of perception on the nursing profession can also be correlated to the individual characteristics such as classification, area of nursing practice most interested, reason for chose nursing, etc. The perceptional analyses of the students has helped to determine that most of the pre nursing students have less knowledge towards the perceptions of nursing, rather knowledge to health care professions give them the idea to make a perception of nursing. Most pre nursing students need to require the information of nursing. However, most of the students have good perceptions towards nursing. Only differences were cited among them were on the basis of nursing role, education, political issues and value of nursing as a profession.

Envisioning with the accomplishment of BSN is a great way to begin. This can be done by achieving goals and setting priorities. Metaparadigm concepts for the discipline of nursing, includes human being, health, environment and nursing.

Human being or person: this may include individuals, families, communities that take part in nursing.

Environment: this may include physical surroundings such as local, regional, and worldwide social, political and cultural conditions related to human health care.

Nursing: the actions such as assessment, diagnosis, planning and evaluation of health care of human beings relate to nursing.

Health: this may include living and dying process of humans.

Nursing is a combination of art and science. The science of nursing is concerned with the theories of nursing. Melies theory ...
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