Reflective Journal

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Reflective Journal

Learning about the Practice of Teaching1

Myself as a Teacher1

Major Strengths of the Teachers1

Contribution of the Theory2

Theories of Associative Learning2

Correspondence with other Teachers and Impact on Practice3

Learning Moments4

Personal and Professional Values of a Teacher5

Key Purposes as a Teacher5

Bridging the Gap of Knowledge5

Careful Monitoring5

Insights about Nature and Challenges of Teaching My Subject6

Personal Ideas and Values about Teaching6

Professional Developmental Needs7

Preparation for Next Attachment7

Priorities for Professional Development8


Reflective Journal

Learning about the Practice of Teaching

Myself as a Teacher

What I have learnt about teaching the students and pupils is that, educating is never a one way communicative process; it is rather a process that implies learning and increment of knowledge for both, the teachers and the learners. Because humans differ in their individual thinking processes and patterns, students always make me learn more than what I give to the students. Classroom acts as a place and environment which is conducive to the learning processes and helpful for the interaction between me and my students (

Major Strengths of the Teachers

According to my experience and learning, one of the major strengths of the classroom teacher is the fact that the teacher is comfortable in the environment of the learning and he or she feels at ease with the students. I am in the process of realizing and learning that the interaction and communication matters the most in the teacher students relationship; therefore it accounts for one of the chief strengths of the teachers. The way my students interact and correspond freely to me, be it girls or boys, is continuously enhancing the skills of communication in me. It is in my experience that a teacher's behaviour and style of correspondence should be flexible for the students; not in terms of favouring any student more than other, rather on the basis of various types of students and their natures. A successful achievement of the teacher is the learning and skill of communicating with all kinds of students and pupils by understanding their mindsets and attitudes.

Another thing which always keeps me learning something new is the knowledge and understanding of the students' abilities and skills. In my opinion, knowledge of the students' skills and abilities accounts for the most valuable tools for effective teaching. Because with this knowledge in hand, I can actually be in my students' shoes and provide them with the thing they want (Education and Training Inspectorate, 2005, Pp. 5-10).

Contribution of the Theory

As a trainee teacher in a secondary school, the theories and constructs of learning and association presented by the scholars of psychology and education are proving a great deal to help me. What the masters of the learning theory pointed out as the role of association and relation of real life factors with the abstract concepts, is proving to be the most useful in various ways of teaching secondary school students. During my course of trainee teacher at the secondary school, my learning of teaching students with real life examples has constantly been increasing ...
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