Reflective Journal Report

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Reflective Journal Report

Reflective Journal Report


This reflective journal report will summarize the learning that I have made in my ten modules. The course which I have studied provided the base for business management.The course contained contents which helped me improved my writing skills, presentation skills, virtual resources and online communication skills, research skills, problem solving and organizational learning and management skills. I have discussed the learning according to units in the discussion part. Other than the leaning that I have made, I have also mentioned how this learning is going to help me in my future career. I have used the fortnightly reflect journal entries to prepare this refelective journal report.


Academic study skills and learning

These units helped me understand about plagiarism and other offences which can affect any student academically. These units also helped me how to cite text, references and paraphrasing educational materials. These units helped me in considerable detail in how to go about paraphrasing academics reports, essays and assignments. Regarding academic offences and plagiarism, I get to understand that it is taken as academic dishonesty and stealing someone else's work, and then claiming it to be your own. Not citing will be taken as literary crime and the guilty one would be charged accordingly (Couzijn, 1999, pp. 125).

As, I consider taking academic field for long term, this unit will no doubt go a long way helping me in writing excellently and well cited research papers and other scholarly writings.

Learning strategies and forms of presentation

Unit three and four explained and described how to cite and refer from different sources, and how to analyse from the source materials by giving judgment and consider if the information is relevant to the question asked. These units explain how to comply with the topics given to students for writing. ...
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