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Religion and Theology

Religion and Theology


The Old Testament in the Bible is basically an account of the scriptures and historical stories that took place on earth before the birth of Jesus Christ. The scriptures present in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible are also known as the Hebrew scripture. The Hebrew Scripture provides us the details of the historical people whom God chose for special purposes at special events. Religion and history have given us the evidence that there were great religious people who were there on earth for great purposes. God chose his people for completing His special tasks. It was not that the people have of God were left on earth without any support, God gave His chosen people power and spiritual knowledge to complete the tasks they were chosen for.

The people who were chosen by God also experienced hardships for the sake of God, but they were not feared to leave the righteous path of God. The scriptures give us the evidence that God gave His chosen people the strength and knowledge to face their enemies and oppositions and continue their mission for which they were selected by God. So, it is definite that God always remains with His people and never leaves the people who trust in God.

Role of Women in the Scriptures

Scriptures tell us that God did not only select men for His chosen mission but women were also selected to complete some special tasks for which they were chosen. Women have played a vital role in the Hebrew Scripture to help the men and step aside with them to complete the tasks for which they were chosen by God. There are a number of women who are mentioned in the Scriptures who stepped aside with men to complete various special tasks and missions for which they were assigned.

Women devoted themselves to the teachings of God and obeying each commandment of God. Some of the most devoted women mentioned in the Holy Bible include Hannah, Ruth, Rahab, Tamar, Jael, etc. In addition to these women, the women mentioned in the Scripture of Exodus also palyed a significant role in protecting Moses from the dangers and threats of Pharoah. Moses then grew up to become a spiritual man and a remarkable personality in the Exodus.

As the women under whose supervision Moses was brought up in his childhood did not care of the dangers they had to face in order to save the child Moses from the threats and dangers of Moses in the state. Likewise, other women in the scriptures were also selected for some special mission to be completed. God chose these women to step aside wit men, protect them, support them and guide them to the spiritual path for which God chose them. So, we have the evidence through which we some to know that women also played a vital role in bringing up the leaders in history. They obeyed God's commands and protected the leaders who further led the people through ...
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